Hounds: Conscience's 1337 Skillz 2 Pay Da Billz


Longsword, July 23rd, 2009


"You know, Duke, I'm still concerned about how I'm going to fit you in our house," Roy muttered to the Arcanine, which sat still in front of its trainer as if bored to death.


"Pichu-Pi Pi!" Spark cried out, pointing at Duke, who gave a nasty glare in response.

"Duke's not 'fat'," Roy corrected the mouse, "He's just...big boned? Acutally, I'm not sure how to describe it."

"How about he's a 'BAMF', now?" Ego suggested.

"I actually agree with you on that," Id mumbled.

"Spark. Duke. Do you two think I'm crazy?" Roy asked, glancing toward the figments on his shoulders.

The two Pokemon looked at each other for a moment then at their trainer, and back at each other before backing away.

"I see how it is. FINE, SEE IF I GET YOU ANY MORE POKESNACKS, YOU UNGRATE...ooh, a dollar..."

At the moment of Roy's distraction, Conscience appeared, yelling, "Hey, guys! Check it out!"

"Check out what? The sudden appearance of a whiny moron that no one here likes?" Ego grumbled.

"I hate you so much."

"Feeling's mutual, Sweetheart."

"Aaaaanyway, I learned the art of Kaio'ken!"

Id sighed and turned toward Conscience, "Just what you needed, more DBZ skills."

"I know, right?" Conscience smiled, quite proud of herself.

Roy, burying his head in his hands, merely began to whimper to himself.

"Why me...why?"

The End

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