Hounds: Stoned Evolution

RockXIII July 20, 2009


"Fujitsu's Pichu is unable to battle! Larry's Onix wins!" called a referee wearing a gray sports uniform, waving a red flag to the right side of a stony battle arena, which was scorched in some places.

Fujitsu had challenged Attara City's rock-type Gym Leader, Larry, shortly after Vermil defeated him. Even with all that was going on, Fujitsu still wanted to complete the Pokemon League Challenge, and knew that if he was to be of any help to the rest of his teammates, the gym was an excellent place to train his Tyrogue and Pichu.

Fujitsu called out Pichu first because he had missed out on the last gym, and thought that a really strong opponent with an advantage would toughen him up a bit, though he was not going to watch his Pichu fight with no strategy; He was going to give it all he had, and he knew that so would Pichu. When he saw that the first pokemon was Onix, he already thought up of a strategy a long time ago in case that Pichu ever had to go up against one. Onix used Rock Tomb first, dealing quite a bit of damage to Pichu, but he recovered and used Quick Attack to leap upon his head, then using a strong Thundershock to the "thingy", as Fujitsu put it, on his head, as it was a weak spot. While not causing a lot of damage in general, it was great damage for an electric-type attack. Pichu was able to do this one more time, but was then dealt with by Onix with another Rock Tomb and a Head Smash. Needless to say the small mouse didn't stand a chance.

Fujitsu walked up to Pichu, smiling, and said, "You did great Pichu. You deserve a rest." He tapped his pokeball to his head, and the usual red beam transferred Pichu back inside.

Fujitsu placed Pichu's pokeball back in one of his belt loops and popped out Tyrogue's. He pressed the button in the center of the red and white sphere's front, then threw it out to the field, crying, "I know you can do this, Tyrogue!!"

The ball halted and opened in mid-air, the red beam transferring Tyrogue, who assumed a low fighting stance, out onto the stony ground below. The pokeball flew back into Fujitsu's hand, who put it back in the belt loop. The referee waved both flags. "Let the battle continue!"

"Onix! Use Head Smash!!" yelled Larry.

"Quick Attack to dodge, ricochet off the boulder, then use Karate Chop!" commanded Fujitsu.

Onix was fast, but not as fast as Tyrogue, who swiftly dodged the attack. Onix's head crashed into the rocky ground of the battlefield, breaking much of the stone where his head made contact; Onix growled in pain. Head Smash generally gives the user recoil damage, and with the missed hit to the ground, some extra damage was added. Tyrogue ricocheted off of a large boulder that lay behind him with Quick Attack towards Onix's head, and gave a hard blow to Pichu's previous target. This caused more than "super-effective" damage; fighting-type techniques are an advantage against rock-types, such as Onix, and the speed from the Quick Attack gave more power to Tyrogue's attack. And all this was directed at a weak spot, which when hit, caused critical damage, so the combined strength of a highly-effective attack combined with extra power and a critical hit, caused a near one-hit K.O. The Onix was enduring.

"Use Hi-jump Kick!" called Fujitsu, pointing at the side of Onix's face.

Tyrogue nodded, jumped high into the air, and delivered the final blow to Onix, who's senses were blurred with pain. He fell to the ground with a great "WHAM".

The referee held up a green flag to Fujitsu's side of the arena, saying, "Onix is unable to battle! Fujitsu's Tyrogue wins!"

"YATTA!" Fujitsu yelled, punching the air. Tyrogue ran back to him with a broad smile on his face.

Fujitsu knelt down and hugged him. "That was fantastic!! You beat that Onix without so much as a scratch!" He let go and looked at him directly in his eyes. "You know, Tyrogue? You've grown so much since I first met you. I know I don't say this enough at all, but I'm really proud to be your trainer, and even more so your friend."

Tyrogue's face registered surprise, but then an overjoyed look washed it away. "<I'm even happier to have you as a trainer and friend,>" he replied. Then, he started glowing brightly. His form grew taller, and his head started to take the form of a top. When the transformation was complete, the light seemed to lightly explode and sparkle. His image was clear now. Tyrogue had evolved into a Hitmontop.

Fujitsu was surprised and shocked by his evolution, but then immediately regained his wits and chimed, "Congratulations! My Tyrogue evolved into a Hitmontop! Du du duu, dudududu du du duuu...!"

Fujitsu stood up, a proud grin growing across his face, and looked in Larry's direction. He found that he had already let out his next pokemon, a Graveler, onto the cracked and broken field.

He looked at his newly evolved Hitmontop and said, "Are ya ready to see what you can do now?"

Tyrogue nodded, and spun on his top-shaped head onto the battlefield, ready for his next fight.

The End

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