Hounds: MOAR DOTS!


Roymin cackled in hysterics as it examined the opposing Growlithe and Pichu.

“So, you’re not a coward, eh?” Roy smirked.

Apparently not,” Ego grumbled. “Well, this will be fun. Just follow my lead.

Before Ego could give Roy the proper commands, Id appeared on his shoulder.

Mind if I watch?

Not at all. And where’s Conscience? GET HER OUT HERE!” Ego yelled.

Id leisurely snapped his fingers, which summoned a surprised Conscience upside-down. “Wha--?!

You, read that thing’s thoughts. And, no DBZ stuff!” Ego ordered.

Why can’t Id do it?” Conscience whined.

Because we think it’s funny when you complain.

Oh, by the way, Roy, remember that Fire Stone you kept in reserve?” Id muttered.

Roy nodded, taking out a red stone from his pack with a flame emblazoned on it. He had kept the stone for a long time in case he wanted Duke to ever evolve from the ever-lovable puppy he was. 

Roy clenched his fist, pitching the stone at Duke. What happened next caught Roy and Roymin off-guard.

Duke began to glow and enlarge many times his normal size. A loud roar was heard and the glow faded to reveal an Arcanine from where Duke previously stood.

Congratulations! Your Growlithe evolved into Arcanine!” Ego yelled.

Roy nearly fainted when he took in Duke’s evolution, but quickly regained his senses. Roymin also was stunned, but quickly began an attack targeted at the newly-evolved Arcanine.

Alright! Now we’re talking!” Id yelled.

Roy, tell him to use Extremespeed, now!

“Duke, Extremespeed!”

Duke quickly disappeared from sight, striking the Roy-Shyamin hybrid in the side and knocking it to the floor.

“Gaaaaaackkkkt….” it wheezed as it decided to step up its game.

It says, ‘You’re all dead.’ How original,” Conscience muttered.

Using strange movements, it began disappearing and reappearing in random places of the power plant. It seemed as though it was using Double Team at the same time, as afterimages of Roymin were seen everywhere.

Hm…this one’s going to be tricky. I know we’re not going to be accurate, but try Flamethrower.

“Duke, Flamethrower, now!”

Also, have Spark use Thunder Wave."

“Spark, Thunder Wave!”


In accordance with their trainer’s orders, Duke let out several steady streams of flame and Spark let out a shockwave of electricity across the floor. Roymin narrowly missed both attacks, but suddenly began acting strangely. It was as though it had become hungry.

Eyeing Roy’s bag, it warped over, and began rummaging through and eating the PokeSnacks that it contained, sitting somewhat similar to Id.

“Um…this is weird. Did it suddenly just stop attacking to eat?” Vermil asked.

“It looks like it,” Roy replied.

Haha, he looks like you, Id…just…without…ramen…” Ego blinked, then turning to Roymin. “Oh…my God…it is you.

As soon as Roymin finished the snacks, it shook the box in frustration then began to emit an annoying howl to express the absence of food.

AND NOW IT’S CONSCIENCE! MAKE IT STOP!” Ego yelled, holding his ears.

WHAT?!” Conscience asked. “DID YOU SAY SOMETHING?!

Roy, thinking quickly, finds another box of PokeSnacks and hands it to the Roy-Shayamin hybrid, immediately causing the howl to cease.

“What do you think we should do with it?”

I say nuke the crap out of it while it’s distracted. Just my vote,” Ego muttered.

Can we keep it? It’s kinda cute when it’s not trying to kill you,” Conscience asked.

Up to you.

Fujitsu suddenly yelled, “I say, ‘THROW MOAR DOTS! MOAR DOTS! MOAR DOTS!’”

“What happens when you hit forty-percent?” Daemon asked.


The End

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