Hounds: Aspects of War Times

Eternal Berg, BSTF, July 11, 2009


“Mr. Spectrum, sir. We have a situation.” Mary Lavender removed her glasses to clean them, revealing her thin, pale face in it's entirety to Stoenn Spectrum. Her short, black hair moved gently as she wiped them, still refusing to completely settle even once she had put the glasses back on. “It's urgent.”

Stoenn paused for a moment. His head was resting on his hands, held so as to make a bridge or table. He was clearly concerned, and it seemed to Mary as though he already knew.

“First Terrut, now this.” Stoenn breathed heavily, exasperation wafted out with every word. “It's already on the news... What does Yates have to say?”

“Yates, I'm afraid, was conducting CyRePa business elsewhere shortly before the incident.” Lavender coughed softly, before looking away.

“Damn... Yates was in Terrut, wasn't he?” Stoenn looked to Mary, who still refused to look at him. Stoenn's hand fell strongly on the desk, as he screamed at the television. “Damn this entire world!”

“Sir...” Lavender walked over to Stoenn and placed a file in front of him. “We do have this. It's a record of...”

“It's a record of Psychic activity in Richtog Vale. Good. I knew having a man inside the CyRePa was a good idea.” Stoenn quickly opened the file's manilla folder, revealing a fairly daunting set of figures and graphs. “Good, there are graphs. They make life so much easier.” He began running his finger along the page, as he read, until he suddenly came to a stop. 


“This. This is... I've seen this before. This exact mental frequency. Exactly .84 Psens above the normal, human psychic wavelength.” He pulled Lavender over, close to himself, and pointed directly at the part he meant with a certain rigour. 

“Oh...” Lavender said, softly, before she headed for the door.

“You know what this means.”

Lavender held the door frame, resting against it as she tried to leave. Worry expressed itself in her face, and she turned back to Stoenn out of fear.

“I don't want to go.”

“But you have to.” Stoenn rose from his seat and walked over to Lavender. From his pocket, he produced a small, blank ID card. “We are Titan Corp, and we must protect our interests. Take this to Floor 11. Choose the name you want. You'll be nothing more but a liaison. Field testing...” Stoenn turned away from Lavender and walked over to his window. He stared out of it, his view extending far across the fields. The city lay behind him, his grand building facing away from civilisation into nothing.

“Sir... Stoenn...” Lavender removed her glasses and placed them in her pocket. She was hesitant, certainly, and more than slightly anxious. “What if it won't cooperate?”

“Then Richtog Vale will be lost.” Stoenn extending his arm out and put it on the window, eventually resting it in an 'L' shape on the glass, allowing his head to lie on his wrist. “I will say this now: I don't care for Cyren. I look out for the interests of Towen and – by extension – the Orange Archipelago and Sinnoh. We both know that if Cyren falls, then Sinnoh is next. Sinnoh is, after all, the gateway to Towen. You make sure that the beast is contained...”

“He's not a beast!” Lavender said, half-shriek, with tears forming in her eyes. 

“I'm sorry... I forgot where he came from...” Stoenn turned to Lavender and glared. “... But I know where he's going.”

“You can't ask me to kill him... to kill myself...” Lavender wiped her eyes with a handkerchief. 

“You have the new ball. It's the only working pokeball in the world – or so it seems. Use it.” Stoenn was still facing away, gazing out of his window. “The dogs are circling... Something happening in Cyren that none of us even want to consider... I just hope Krystal stays well clear of it.”


“Ladies! Gentlemen! Welcome!” Vice-President Weiss was standing on a small platform, in front of Franc Power Station. A large crowd had gathered, but Vermil could see few press officials within it. 

“There's something wrong...” Polaris said, whispering to Hari. “Can you sense anything?”

“Faintly...” Hari screwed up his face and tried to concentrate. “But it's too far away. Something's wrong, but I can say for sure what.”

“It's OK,” Max said, patting Hari on the head, “I'm sure we'll figure it out soon.” 

“This is a new age for Cyren...”

“Vermil, over here.” Cinnabar motioned for Vermil to move through the crowd towards him. When the pair finally rejoined, Cinnabar simply handed Vermil a piece of paper and slipped out of the crowd. Reading it, Vermil sighed and headed for Max, Polaris and Hari. He bumped into a small man in the crowd, but continued going without apologising. He handed the paper to Max, who nodded and passed it on. 

“Together, our energy needs increased... and together, we have found the solution...”

Vermil slipped out with Hari and Polaris, leaving Max to deliver the note to Daemon, Fujitsu and Roy. The four, once completing a cursory nod to each other, followed the same path that Cinnabar had originally taken. 

“A new day! And a new solution! No more will the people of Cyren be plagued by power outages...”

The group assembled at a small door in the side of the station, which Cinnabar opened and ushered everyone through. Inside, Weiss speech was barely audible. Cinnabar simply gestured, pointing everyone down the hallway. 

“What are we looking for?” Hari whispered, before Cinnabar put a finger to his lips to say “Shush” and wrote the response on a piece of paper – 'Rocket Truck outside... Suspicious thing inside?'

Hari made a thumbs-up sign.

Before long, Cinnabar paused the group and pointed around a corner, before writing an 'R' in the air. Vermil poked his head around the corner, watching the Rocket worker don a lab coat and pick up a box he seemed to have brought with him.

“Stop right there!” Vermil shouted. The Rocket grunt, surprised, dropped the box he was carrying. Its contents shattered, and a bright green liquid began to seem from its sides.

“You! You're the one... You're the one the boss wants brought in!” The grunt stuttered out, before releasing a Zubat from a pokeball on his belt. Vermil replied by calling out Magby, who quickly disposed of the flying pokemon. The grunt recalled the Zubat and ran, and Vermil quickly rushed over to the ever-increasing pool that was seeping from the box. 

“I don't know what this is...” He said, before motioning for the rest of the gang to join him.

“More important, man, check out Magby.” Vermil turned and saw his Magby glowing, it's body increasing in size and eventually forming the shape of a Magmar. His pokemon, it seemed, had evolved.

“Neato.” Vermil said, standing up and walking over to Magmar, who he patted on the head and smiled at.

“This is bad,” Daemon said suddenly. “That liquid. It's commonly referred to as StopAll. It's an anti-pokemon spray that stops it's target's muscles from working.”

“Damn...” Cinnabar said, sadly. “That must mean there's something around here they need to Paralyse... Everyone mind that you don't step in it. Let's head for that door at the end there...”

The entire gang creeped slowly down the corridor, making sure not to step in the fluid. Eventually, Cinnabar prised the door open to reveal a laboratory. 

“This is a power plant... so why do they have medical supplies?” Roy asked, confused.

“This is more than first aid,” Fujitsu said, pocketing some of the rarer supplies for future use. “That door there has a pretty hefty lock on it. Whatever it is, it's probably what we're looking for.”


Outside, Weiss had completed his speech. 

“Thank you ladies and gentlemen. This facility is now... open! Please proceed into the foyer, where a complimentary buffet will be served. I am afraid I have other business to attend to inside, but I will join the festivities soon.”


“Good job, Magmar!” Vermil said happily. He was anxious about the goings-on, almost scared by what might be behind the door, but he didn't want anyone to know. It was the worst case scenario that they actually saw how scared he could be. Max proceeded to kick the door in, the lock giving way, having been practically melted by Magmar's flamethrower. The door swung open into a circular room, focussed around a single table. On it sat what seemed to be a plant, with a series of wires protruding from it. 

“Talk about eco-friendly energy... is this what's powering everything? A plant?” Polaris was genuinely surprised by the concept.

“It's not a plant.” Max was curt, abrupt. He could see it from a different angle, and it wasn't pleasant. “Plants don't breathe.”

“You mean...?” Polaris replied, taking a closer look. On closer inspection, he saw it was Shaymin, Weiss' pokemon, lying paralysed and helpless, it's own natural energy powering the entire plant.”

“That's what the spray was for... to keep it docile...” Vermil said, disgusted.

“And quite rightly,” Said Weiss, who had entered from the opposite side of the room. He was on a gangway, suspended on a second-level of the facility. He was looking down on the group, sneering. “I knew you'd find this. I told the guards not to give you full access but hey, here you are. Someone's getting fired.”

“This is wrong!” Roy shouted, his voice echoing through the room.

“Oh, you.” Weiss said, smirking. He reached down to his waist and removed from it an item of clothing that was tied around it. “This is yours. It's been washed and clean... but not before we extracted what we needed from it.” He tossed Roy's hoodie back to him, smirking. “You think this is wrong? Just you wait...” Weiss began making grandiose gestures at the doorway, signalling someone's entrance. “Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you... Your death!” Through the doorway stepped a creature, a strange one that seemed to have a body of grass, with flowers on it. It was Roy who first realised the truth.

“That's right, Roy!” Weiss laughed as the creature stepped forward. “It's you! It's called an Aspect. We take a bit of a pokemon, in this case our lovely donor Shaymin, and a bit of a human – and boy, can I tell you that we did not enjoy getting that from your hoodie – and when you mix them together with some science, you get an Aspect. Fun little thing. Unfortunately, you lot are simply stopping our progress. We're not the bad guys, you see. We're just making small sacrifices to make sure the world keeps on going...” Weiss placed his hands on the railing of the gangway and leaned on them, slouching over the group. “I've seen the future. And you all are the reason we don't have one. So I'm making sure that doesn't happen. Besides, you're only going to be a pest. Especially when I address the nation later on today, declaring that President Grau is truly dead and that I – with Schwarz, the CEO of Capsule Solutions as my Vice-President – will be filling in the position – until the next election, of course. But then again, who wouldn't vote for my winning smile... and Schwarz's winning technology.” 

“You bastard...” Cinnabar said angrily, stepping forward. “What are you planning?”

Weiss snapped his fingers and tapped the Aspect on the shoulder. “Get the one with red hair.”

The Shaymin-Roy hybrid leapt down, like a hound, and grabbed Cinnabar, before leaping back up and depositing him next to Weiss. Weiss turned to Cinnabar and smiled. 

“You took something back there. I'm not going to let you die holding it. You're coming with me.” Weiss pulled Cinnabar through the door and closed it behind him, leaving the room containing nothing but the group, the Roy-Shaymin hybrid and the paralysed Shaymin that ran the power plant. 

“Come on guys,” Roy said heartily, “I've been in more meta situations than this before. Let's have some fun!” He cried, calling out both Duke and Spark.

The End

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