Hounds: The Obligatory Love Scene


July 9th, 2009


Daemon realises she hasn't seen Kane for little while, so she calls her out of her ball. Kane starts walking beside Daemon--Kane had been in her ball for some time, however she was aware what was going on. Kane was quite happy that Daemon didn't seem quite as much of a mad woman... well not as blatantly. Daemon was still completely mad--just a little more subtle.

Daemon props up Roy's fainted body onto a chair. He comes to, and looks at Daemon. Blinks and simply groans, "why can't this just be a bad dream."

Daemon tries to sit on his lap, but instead floats above him. Daemon hugs Roy and says, "I am glad you woke up Gaebrille."

Ego whispers to Roy, "You do realise you could hold Daemon for ransom. We could be rich beyond our wildest dreams."

Conscience thwaps Ego with a large pencil, "I think kidnapping somebody who knows how to make powerful explosives isn't a good idea."

Id doesn't even look up from his ramen, "also, kidnapping Daemon, wouldn't do anything good for her liking Roy."

Ego looks shifty eyed, "that is where Stockholm's Syndrome comes in."

Conscience thwaps Ego with a large pencil again, knocking him out.

Roy was about to ask about Daemon being Stoenn's sister... but then realised what Daemon called him, "Gaebrille?"

Daemon replies, "yeah, that is your name now Gaebrille."

Fujitsu looks up, "do I get a name?"

Daemon hugs Roy a little, and looks over at Fujitsu, "when I use my goddess like abilities to come up with one, you will."

Fujitsu yells out "YATTA!" Followed by running out around in circles making psyduck noises.

Id looks over to Ego, expecting him to yell out in complaint about Roy not acting crazy enough... then saw he was still knocked out from the pencil thwapping. Eats some more Ramen and simply says, "I hope Ego didn't get a concussion. I don't even want to consider the psychological implications of that. Besides he was kind of amusing."

Roy just trying to go with it shakes his head. Roy had been attacked by every Bird Legendary, had been tied up, shocked and in several explosions. Maybe knowing the sister to one of the most powerful men in Towen, really shouldn't be that much. Why didn't he notice it before. "Spectrum" not really that popular of a name. However he knew her as Daemon, and a strange hallucination. Once he figured out she wasn't he was in too deep.

Roy looks up, "so Stoenn is your brother? Uh... what are you doing in Cyren"

Daemon floating above Roy on his lap replied, "Well, Stoenn just knew business politics the best. I knew technology the best. Stoenn generally got most of his products from me. However, I don't like being tied down. I cannot study pokemon in my lab, and I need to field test my works. I just figured I should go to Cyren. Seemed like as good of spot as any to work on my field stuff."

At this point, nobody seemed to notice that there was a Play Trainer Lopunny sitting on a Roy's lap... well floating above. Except Nurse Joy... who is kind of curious as to why the outfit looked so familiar.. she had a cousin who liked to dress up like that. Maybe she'll phone that Poke Centre in a bit... she didn't seem to be answering lately. Joy couldn't figure out what she did to make Joy mad at her.

Meanwhile Kane was looking at Daemon and Roy. Kane knew what was happening outside her pokeball. Kane could only think how much more she wanted to help Daemon. Daemon seemed to be behaving, even though Kane didn't really approve of Daemon sitting on Roy's lap like some kind of tart. However all Kane could think of think of was the desire to help Daemon. Then Kane started glowing.

Ego woke up from the thwapping and said, "What? It appears Kane is evolving" and starts chanting "duh dun! duh dun!"

Roy was looking at the glowing Kane, and really didn't seem to register Ego's statements.

The two buds on Kanes head start to blossum, and come down to be her arms/hands. As they come down her face moves up, and she starts to have a flower for a head. Then a bright light flashes.

Fujitsu jaw slacked, says in unision with Ego, "Congratulations, your Kane just evolved into Roselia."

Ego looks over at Fujitsu, and yells out, knowing Fujitsu cannot hear him, "Jinx!"

The new Kane looks at her body. Is surprised and thinks, "there is no way, I deserve this evolution... I haven't been caring enough for Daemon."

The End

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