Hounds: Fujitsuno Promise

RockXIII, July 9th, 2009


"Say 'Aaaahhhh~'..." said Fujitsu, holding a spoon of a green, mossy colored medicine up to a baby Togepi's mouth.

Fujitsu was currently in the pokemon sick room taking care of the baby pokemon in the corner where they were usually taken care of. It was a colorful heaven for them with lots of shapes, toys, and even some cribs for them to sleep in and to make them more comfortable. There was quite a bit of sick baby pokemon waiting to be treated before Fujitsu came in. After about ten minutes, Fujitsu was left only with the Togepi.

Reluctantly, the baby pokemon took the spoonful. Immediately it swallowed and started crying because of the horrible taste. Fujitsu picked him up from the counter that it was sitting on and sat down, putting Togepi on his lap, saying, "There, there..." stroking the spikes on the top of his head. The Togepi started to calm down, and Fujitsu put him in his arms and started rocking it to sleep. The baby drifted off into slumberland in a couple of seconds, and Fujitsu gently set him down in a crib with about three other pokemon (a Growlith, a Smoochum, and a Psyduck).

Fujitsu looked at the other cribs and at the sleeping baby pokemon. They all looked so peaceful and so innocent to Fujitsu he could barely stand it. "Beibi- pokketo monsuta- do-mo kawaii desu...!" he whispered to himself, going "X3".

He then heard footsteps coming from the doorway. He turned his head and saw the Nurse Joy of this Pokemon Center walk in and Daemon floating in. Nurse Joy looked at the cribs and immediately she had an impressed look on her face, as it would normally take about twenty minutes to get all of these baby pokemon asleep by herself, and Fujitsu managed to give them medicine AND put them to sleep in around ten minutes.

"I'm impressed, Fujitsu!" she said. "Looks like my sister taught you well!"

Fujitsu replied, "Yeah, amazing what a few years in the pokemon center will do to a crazy mind like mine." He turned to Daemon and asked, "So, how're you, Daemon?"

"I am fine, thank you," she confirmed, nodding. "There is actually somebody I want you to talk to. My brother."

Fujitsu immediately perked up. "Ooo! I finally get to meet Stoenn!?"

Daemon's mouth was left ajar by this. "How did you know...?" she inquired.

"Not many people have the last name 'Spectrum', and your brother has appeared many times in the Pokecentre news feeds. It's a lucky guess, I guess," Fujitsu simply said.

They arrived at the green Phone Terminal in a matter of minutes, and Daemon dialed her brother's phone number. In less than a second, Stoenn's face appeared on the screen, and he greeted them both.

"Ah, so this must be Fujitsu, right Krystal?" he asked.

Daemon replies, "Yes, it is."

"Moshi moshi!" greeted Fujitsu, turning the phone in his direction.

"Hello," Stoenn greeted back.

Fujitsu flinched. He repeated, adding emphasis, "No, moshi moshi."

"Eerrrr... what?" he asked.

Fujitsu started looking around frantically, and then back at Stoenn, flapping his arms around in every possible direction, careful not to hit Daemon. He yelled, "Are you nutzo?!? Do you WANT teh evile fox deamons to eat youxorxs!?!! Your business will be JEPOATIZED!!"

Stoenn tilted his head, obviously confused. "Uuuhh... Moshi moshi...?"

"Phew... Another crisis averted!" Fujitsu sighed, wiping his forehead.

"Okay... so, I hear you're good at taking care of pokemon, is that correct?" said Stoenn, quickly changing the subject.

Fujitsu smiled. "Sou! I volunteered all the time at the Celestic Town Pokemon Center, so I know quite a bit about pokemon."

"Oh really?" inquired Stoenn, leaning his chin against his hand. "Quick, give me the definition for Kyogre."

"Kyogre, The Sea Basin Pokémon. It has the power to create massive rain clouds that cover entire skies and bring about torrential downpours. It has saved people suffering from droughts. It is named in mythology as the Pokémon that expanded the sea by covering the land with torrential rains and towering tidal waves. It went to sleep after a cataclysmic battle with Groudon," Fujitsu answered immediately and without hesitation.

Stoenn looked rather impressed. "Wow, you answered that in a split second!"

"Well, I spent a lot of time reading the books in the Pokecentre as well," Fujitsu said with an embarrassed look on his face.

A beeping noise suddenly was heard from Stoenn's end of the line. "Oh, that must be a customer on the other line. I'm sorry, I'll have to let you go. Goodbye, Daemon, and please make sure she doesn't get hurt, Fujitsu."

"Will do!" answered Fujitsu, saluting Stoenn.

Stoenn nodded, and the transmission ended.

The End

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