Hounds: The Sainte meets The Gaebrille

July 9th, 2009


Daemon floated over to the Phone Terminal. She seemed to not notice that people where giving the floating trainer dressed in a manner fitting for less than appropriate magazines. Include on kid who was just staring in awe of the floating Play Trainer Lopunny. Nurse Joy simply sighes and says, "I so want to be her right now.

Daemon puts a disk into a telephone machine. On the screen shows "Towen Science communication system."

Daemon is greated with Stoenn's face yelling, "Arceus! Krystal!"

Daemon replies, "simply call me Daemon. How are you Sainte?"

Stoenn puts down everything, "where are you Krystal? You just up and left--all I had from you was these strange Daemon Ball modifications. The scientists are going nuts over these. We may be able to sell them as self defense... as people are having issues with Pokeballs. Also, your scrabble game seems to be going well with Beta Testers... though, the ability to choose 'shoot opponent' or 'check dictionary' when an opponent is called on a word seems a bit extremely."

(((OOC: We've all wanted to shoot people cheating in Scrabble I am sure)))

Daemon pulls out a book of her research. There no blank pages. It wasn't just Daemon's research either--somehow all of the worlds science being developed seemed to be in there. And looks something up, "tell scientists to check the capacitor array in vector XD of the Daemon Ball."

Stoenn makes sure to write that down, and looks up, "Where are you Krystal? I have Silph Co., Devon Co., and Rocket Logistics looking for you."

Daemon kind of looks to the side, a little sheepish, "Yeah, Stoenn, about that, I am currently in Cyren, doing field tests on my Daemon Ball... I'd prefer not to have Rocket Logistics looking for me--I need to be in the field for this."

While saying this, Daemon gave off no sign that she had been battling Rocket Logistics--as if it never happened, or was part of normal day to day things.

Stoenn sighs and gathers himself... then does a double take, "why.. why...are you dressed like that Krystal? Are you in trouble? I am going to wire you some money. You don't need to live as one of those girls while I am your brother."

Daemon shakes her head, making her bunny ears waggle all over, "oh no, this is an outfit that Nurse Joy in Terrut City was nice enough to loan me. I think the ears really bring out my eyes. And this one piece really does show off my goddess like body."

Stoenn looks at the monitor even more scared, "Krystal... Terrut? That city has appeared on the news... are you safe Krystal"

Deamon smiles and nods, "I am travelling with some new friends, currently in Franc city. I hope that Cyren's Power Plant is better set up than Kantos"

Stoenn sighs, relieved, if Daemon was in Franc, that meant Stoenn could get Weiss to help her out. Krystal was safe, Stoenn after looking down somewhat, looks up, "Krystal, I love you, but Kanto's powerplant would need to operate off of a Zapdos to get enough energy for some of the weird things you are working on. Krystal, Rocket Logistics has shown a lot of interest in that Aspect research of yours. It is like what you are coming up with is straight out of science fiction novel. Anyways, I'll look into having Weiss talk to you."

Daemon cheers up, "well, already talked to Weiss, I have this nice level five clearance."

Stoenn really doesn't take it as weird as it should be, and replies, "you need to call me more often Krystal. Atleast I know you are safe. Who are you traveling with?"

Daemon replies, "oh I am traveling with two nice people. A boy who seems to be quite charmingly insane, and a young kid who seems to carry a trunk around. The kid seems to be very good at taking care of pokemon too. Their names are Roy and Fujitsu, I think."

Stoenn replies, "I'd like to talk to them... if anybody is going to travel with my sister, I want to make sure they won't harm you."

Daemon looks over, "Roy! My insanely over protective brother wants to make sure you aren't going to kill me and leave me in a ditch somewhere."

Roy, after an argument with Ego as to something that made sense to Ego, but Id, Conscience and Roy didn't approve of looks up, like he is surprise at this. Daemon has a brother? was all he could think of.. curious as to who Daemon's brother is he heads on over to the terminal and sits next to Daemon. Daemon gives Roy a hug, and Roy looks into the monitor. Looks at Daemon. Looks at Stoenn. Looks back at Daemon. Roy blinks, "Mr. Spectrum of the Towen Titan Co.... Daemon... Mr. Spectrum..."

Roy passes out and falls out of the chair. Daemon looks down at Roy's body, and then at her brother and simply says, "I think he handled that well."

Stoenn replies, "well, he doesn't strike me as a bad person. And, Krystal, let him know I am an alright guy. Also... Fujitsu... is he with you?"

Daemon looks around, "I think he is with Nurse Joy helping out. Anyways, love you Stoenn"

"phone me _more_ often Krystal. And keep safe." with that Stoenn hangs up.

The End

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