DOOM! Omake: Transdimensional Mallet

RockXIII, July 6th, 2009


Fujitsu and the others ran back on-screen to confront the Broccoli Tree of Doom, who was currently just standing there, muttering something about destroying all of humanity.

"Oh yeah!?" exclaimed Fujitsu. "Well my power is OVER NINE--!!"

"We've already done that joke, Fujitsu!" said Ego, smashing a mallet over his head.

Daemon said, crossing her arms, "Yeah, weren't you paying attention in the story?"

Fujitsu held up his index finger in the "Just one moment" fashion, turned around to face the BToD and yelled, "OOGA OOGA IGGA IGGA AH!!" With the "AH!!", he clapped his hands together and then there was a blinding flash.

The next thing everybody knew, pigs were flying, cotton candy was raining from the sky-- which was talking to itself--, people kept turning into plants and back, cartoon and manga characters were singing to one another (besides Tom and Jerry, who were chasing each other with flame throwers and Doc Ock's mechanical arms), God was fighting Cthulu on a skateboard and a shotgun, and the Great Broccoli Tree of Doom was being sucked into a swirling rainbow portal with Alternate Bob hanging out of it eying the GBToD. Fujitsu let this all run for a minute before clicking his tounge, making it all disappear.

He turned to Daemon and answered, "Yes, I was, so just now I decided to do a minor mindf*** to try to wash off the dirtiness of an overly-used joke. So, what did you guys think?"

None of them replied. They were suffering some sort of shock from the scene just now.


Ego swallowed, then turned to Roy, saying, "You're really behind on out-crazying them. Why won't you out crazy them!?!"

Daemon replied, "Maybe he doesn't want to?"

"Impossible!!" yelled Ego, who used the trans-dimensional mallet on her. 

All of them then got into an argument and started conjouring things to kill each other with, except that all Fujitsu could hear was mumbling and hollow "thuds". He scratched his head, wondering what was going on.


"Uuuhh... Fujitsu, are you alright?" Daemon asked.

Fujitsu replied with an unconscious, "Duh... Duh duh duh..."

"He hit his head pretty hard," said Roy.

"Wonder if he'll be okay?" wondered Conscious.

Ego replies, "If his head didn't break, methinks he'll live."

ID then came floating in yelling, "HEY!! WHICH ONE OF YOU GUYS PI***D ON MY TOOTHBRUSH!?"

Fujitsu chuckled in his sleep.

The End

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