DOOM! Omake: What is an Omake?

June 6th, 2009


Daemon, Roy and Fujitsu are standing in a poorly defined room. There is the odd chair--but they weren't there consistantly.

Roy looks around somewhat confused, "Where are we? Weren't we just heading to Franc?"

Daemon nods, looking directly at the camera, "Well this is the chapter one omake."

Roy looks around, "oh mah kay?" Roy blinks, quite obviously confused.

Ego explains, "It is a sort of series of short jokes or stories at the end of chapters of various anime and manga--often to allow the cartoonist--"

Id corrects Ego, "--Mangaka."

Ego continues, "Cartoonist, to get a little silly."

Daemon continues, "Often this stuff is not contained in the continuity. So I can do silly things like kill say... Conscience. Because somebody so whiny should not look anything like me."

Conscience hides behind Roy going "eeep!"

Roy looks around, "so... you guys could see these three mental figures the whole time?"

Daemon replies, "oh no. Since this has nothing to do with continuity, and we are just here to be silly, we can see and interact with them just fine."

Fujitsu, who was hopping around in the background looks up, "so I could do anything?"

Daemon, "as long as the cartoonist can draw it."

Fujitsu replies all excited, "I want to stomp around Tokyo--I mean Vermillion City in a Rent-a-zilla."

Roy is blinking, looking around, finally clicking his heals, mumbling to himself about someplace not being like home. Fujitsu is all of a sudden presented with a giant tree--completely green. Ego floats over to Daemon, "I really admire your work. I am prolly your biggest fan. You really present a standard to be followed by the Insanity Trio."

Daemon nods modestly, "is that what our fans are calling us?"

Ego shakes his head, "naah... nobody really cares about this role play--though they'd really like to see a retro style GBC game done in this style. Anyways do have any tips for driving Roy insane?"

Daemon replies solemnly and sincerely, "waffles lots of waffles."

The green tree moans, they all look at it. It bellows out, "DOOM!!!!", causing the Mental Trio and the Insanity Trio to fly off screen.

The End

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