Birds: The Power Plant That Never Was

The Helicopter was slowly pulling away, with P still glaring at the scene unfolding below him. Weiss had stopped him, but he didn't know why. 

"Is this the end of our co-operation with the administration, then?" P called out to Oak, who simply laughed at him.

"Who are we to question the highest authorities in Cyren?" Oak reached into his jacket, a brown coat that, to P, looked like an off-color lab coat. From inside it, Oak produced a small photograph, which was immediately handed to P. It only took a glance for P to smirk, before handing it back to Oak. 

"So, that's who the Champion is..." P said, gleefully, "I never would have guessed."

"Immortals and men are often mixed," Came a voice, echoing through the helicopter, "Before the realm of death." 

"I see the conduit is in good spirits today!" P said, somewhat strangely, as if he was thrown by the sudden voice.

"The conduit has the ability to speak through all Aspects, this can't be news to you P, can it?" Oak asked derisively. 

"I'm just not used to it," P said with hostility. "Especially when it comes from our guest here..."

Oak stood up in the helicopter, causing it to dip a little. He slowly moved over to the strange beast, the Ho-Oh-Vermil, and took the mask that was lying on the floor. 

"I'm remasking the thing... It's too much of a shame to look at." Oak said, snorting as he pulled the mask over the creature's face.

"I'm still amazed it worked..." P said, with a degree of awe.

"It did NOT work!" Oak snapped, "It failed. You and I both know that if the process does not take a useful aspect, then it is, quite simply, useless."

"It subdued the boy, at least. Was that meant to happen?"

"The Coward amplified it's own belief," Spoke the voice again, this time muzzled by the mask now on it's vessel's head. "The subjugation was of fear and anguish, not pain."

"Looked like pain to me," P sneered. "All that head-grabbing and such. Very painful."

"To cower is a reflex of fear. The ignorant will ignore this." The voice spoke very abruptly, leaving P feeling insulted.

"Alright children, let's play nice." Oak said, returning to this seat. P simply glanced out, over the mountain they were leaving, watching a small group of figures hurry down the side of the mountain. 

"Run, children. It all ends at Franc." 


"We're at the Attara desert now," Weiss said happily, "You can see the outline of the Franc Power Station there in the distance."

"It's massive!" Roy shouted, laughing with a higher-than-normal level of glee.

"Is he always like that?" Weiss asked Max, quietly.

"Yeah." Max replied, adjusting his shoulders. Vermil was slung over one of the them, and Cinnabar was unimpressed.

"Whatever that thing was, it certainly didn't help Vermil at all." Cinnabar turned to Weiss and smiled. "You said you knew what it was?"

"And you don't?" Weiss retorted, half-smiling. "It's to be expected. I am priviliged with more information than I would like to be. I'll tell you when we're at Franc... it'll be easiest." 

"Your flying pokemon was great," Daemon said happily, "It's a creature after my own heart." She laughed and looked down at the group, ignoring the tree in front of her. She collided head-on, causing a small bird's nest to fall from the tree, landing on Roy. It's contents - one lone egg - smashed onto his hoodie, leaving a slimy mess. 

"Oh no!" Roy shouted, pulling off the top and examining it. "It's ruined!"

"You've been wearing nothing but that top for days now," Polaris retorted, "I don't think an Egg will make a difference."

"Here, I'll take that." Weiss spoke pleasantly, extending his hand out to Roy. "I'll send it ahead to Franc with Shaymin here. It'll be clean by the time we arrive."

"It's probably for the best," Roy said, "I've been sweating in it all day."

Hari grimaced and turned to Weiss. "I think we could all use a good bath when we get to Weiss."

"Good plan," Fujitsu replied, "I don't think it'll be too much of a time waster."

Shaymin quickly departed, leaving the gang to walk slowly onwards, ever approaching their destination. A Pidgeotto, disgruntled by the destruction of it's nest, began to call out from behind them. 

The bird was quickly dealt with by a passing Growlithe. The beast was unafraid to strike... it was the time of the Hound.


The End

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