Birds: The Sainte

July 5th, 2009


Daemon speaks up, "what was that thing in the helicopter--it looked like an odd aspect--but nothing I've ever seen."

Weiss looks over at Daemon, "I'll have to answer that once we get to the power plant."

Daemon tilts her head, but accepts it, then starts up again, changing the subject, "this power plant--what capacity does it have?... Kanto's seemed to black out easily."

Weiss does a double take, "Krystal Spectrum?!"

Daemon replies, "please call me Daemon."

Weiss continues his line of questions, "As in Stoenn Spectrum of Titan Co's sister?"

Daemon replies, "yep, thats my silly brother Sainte. He has always been good at funding research--even when I am working freelance. I haven't talked to him lately, as my research has stalled. This whole 'legendaries constantly attacking us' has hurt my productivity. How can I research pokemon if I am constantly badgered by rare ones?"

Weiss replies, "Stoenn has been worried sick about you. He has been working on your ... 'Daemon Ball' schematics as it was your last major research. However he has issues figuring out the designs. You need to phone him shortly after you land. You just up and went to the Cyren Region. Your freelance research work for Silph Co, Devon Co., and Titan Co has slowed down. He is worried you are dead--or kidnapped, or worse. I've told him nothing of the research that produced the creature you saw in that helicopter, but he is a smart man. And he cares enough. He has started a fundraiser for Kanto's mental health service."

Daemon giggles, "oh that... Sainte was always silly like that--being the elder of us two. Thought he had to protect me. Gave me my first pokemon, a Buneary so as to protect me from the hikers who seem to wait around mountain passes--harassing children to battle them. I never got them. But tell him I am the Poke Goddess of Time. Nothing to worry about."

Weiss shakes his head, "somehow, with what he suspects, I doubt that would ease him at all. Anyways, as soon as we land, phone him. He just needs to know you are safe."

The End

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