Birds: The Final One: Flying Hounds OF WAR!

Longsword, July 5th, 2009


The victory of the gang was short-lived as Vermil found himself in pain--specifically a headache. Cinnabar grabbed him by the shoulder, trying to support him.

"You alright?"

"No...nnnnngh..." Vermil gasped as the headache intensified with the approaching sound of a helicopter's blades.

A Rocket Logistics helicopter appeared from behind the summit and landed behind Oak, who backed toward the craft. A man leading a younger, masked man with wings and clawed feet appeared from the helicopter and nodded at Oak.

"Samuel," he greeted.

"P," Oak replied. "It's about time."

The masked man struggled to break free from 'P', only to gain a swift blow to the neck.

"Quite rebellious, hm?" Oak raised an eyebrow.

"You have no idea," P spat.

Oak grabbed the mask and ripped it from the man's face, revealing a face similar to Vermil's, only with hair colored more like that of Ho-Oh's.

Vermil, still grasping his head, suddenly groaned loudly from an increase in pain and collapsed on the ground. Cinnabar grabbed him and tried to wake him to no avail.

With the mask off of Ho-Oh Vermil's face, P looked at the group of 'kids' that had took down Oak's Articuno and smirked. 

"Now, attack them!" he yelled, shoving the amalgamation forward.

However, the Ho-Oh Vermil only cowered in response and backed toward P, who, in anger, backhanded him and orders him to be sent away.

After Ho-Oh Vermil was loaded back onto the helicopter, P glares at the group while holding a strange device.

"So, you all took down Articuno? How about Moltres and Zapdos?"

From far off, the cries of Moltres and Zapdos began to echo. Heat began to build up alongside a fierce lightning storm. But, amidst the hostility, a benevolent deus ex machina seemed to be welling up.

The legendary birds, Moltres and Zapdos had finally made themselves present, and were now threatening the group at the command of P.

However, a new fighter had just joined the fight in the form of a man accompanying a Sky Forme Shaymin.

"Vice-President Weiss?!" P gasped.

"'re the Vice-President?" Max asked.

"Mhm. Been following you kids--now, c'mon and we'll take care of these two."

P and Oak's faces became grim with the entrance of the Vice President. P decided to attack anyway, having Moltres to cast Fire Blast on the Shaymin.

With its agility, the Shaymin avoided the blast and countered with Magical Leaf. Despite the Grass-Fire alignment, the Moltres was still damaged from the attack.

Seeing the damage possibility from just the Shaymin alone, P and Oak decided it best to retreat.

"You may have won this battle, but you'll never win the war. So, for now: TEAM ROCKET'S BLASTING OFF AGAIN!"

"'Team Rocket', P?" Oak asked.

"Shh...just go with it."

After P and Oak retreated along with Moltres and Zapdos, Weiss turned to the group with a pleased expression on his face.

"This went well."

"Sarcastically, or do you really mean that?" Hari asked.

"I really mean that," Weiss answered. "I forgot my manners. As you know, I am Vice-President Weiss of Cyren. I'd like to talk to you all, but I'm afraid here's not the place to do it."

"Yeah...didn't you say you were following us?" Cinnabar asked.

The Vice-President nodded, "Yes. But, I have the perfect idea. Franc City is celebrating the grand opening of their new power plant. How about you all come and I'll explain everything there, along with anything you wish to speak about?"

The End

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