Birds: The Final One 2


Longsword July 1st, 2009


As Oak’s Articuno swept around for an attack, Vermil forced his Magby out for an attack.

“Magby, use Ember!” he shouted at the top of his lungs.

Small bursts of fire erupted from the slug Pokemon’s back and flew at the legendary bird of ice, seeming to irritate it mildly.

It’s super effective!” Ego yelled spontaneously.

Roy was confused. “Um, what?”

Just go with it. What will Roy do?”

“Uhh…Duke, do a barrel roll…I mean…Flamethrower!”

The Growlithe gave a high-pitched bark in response before unleashing a stream of fire from its mouth and hitting the startled Articuno square in the chest.

It’s super effective!” Ego yelled once more.

“Seriously, what’s with that?”

Don’t ask! What will Polaris do?"

As if Ego somehow had psychic powers, although no one was going to ask at this point, Polaris screamed, “Picasso! Use Sketch!”

The Smeargle nodded as it jumped forward, examining the Articuno and sketching in thin air with its tail. All of a sudden, the sky grew dark as a thunderbolt plummeted from the skies and struck the bird.

It’s super effective!

“Stop that!”

Enemy Articuno uses Ice Beam."

“Wait, WHAT?!”

A stream of icy energy shot from the Articuno’s mouth, hitting the ground near where Daemon was floating and Fujitsu’s Pichu.

What will Fujitsu do?

“What happened to ‘it’s super effective’?”

Pichu is an electric-type. Ice type moves do regular damage.

Roy shook his head, his eyebrow twitching furiously. “Um…you know what? I’m just going to let you do whatever it is you’re trying to do.”

Fujitsu looked down at his Pichu, which was panting heavily from the ice beam. 

“Think you can pull off a Thundershock?”


Mustering all the strength it could, the small mouse emitted a strong burst of electricity, but not without harming itself in the process.

Pichu fainted.

Enemy Articnuno uses Steel Wing.

Now extremely irritated, and on its last breath, the Articuno flew forward slicing through the summit with its wings. The force caused a large gash to appear in the ground and threw Cinnabar and Hari to the ground.

The Enemy Articuno’s attack missed. What will Max do?

“Eev, do a Headbutt!”

Before anyone could find the Eevee, it had already leapt after the Articuno and struck it in the chest, causing it to fall to the ground.

Enemy Articuno has fainted.

Vermil’s Party gains 9001 EXP.

Vermil’s Party defeated Elite Four Oak.

“I…can’t believe it…WHAT JUST HAPPENED?!” shouted Oak.

Vermil’s Party gained 1006P for winning.

The End

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