Birds: The Final One.


Longsword: June 28th, 2009


“Mt. Attara—a place where few dare to venture. For those wishing to prove themselves, the summit welcomes them with a strenuous hike that—“

“Roy, you can stop narrating,” Hari sighed.

“Oh, right. Aaaaaanyway, how much further?”

Cinnabar passed him by while muttering, “We’re at the summit.”

A sigh of relief swept over the gang as they heard Cinnabar’s words. However, one question remained, which Daemon quickly asked.

“Now, where is our dear Saffy?”

Everyone quickly began turning their heads in search for the raven-haired girl with mismatched-colored clothing, only to look back in unison at the sound of a familiar Articuno’s screech. 

That’s not good…” Ego blinked.

“What gave you that idea?” Roy muttered, reaching for Duke’s PokeBall.

Well, typically, the legendary birds are a bad thing. It’s simple if you think about it.

“Thank you, Mr. Know-It-All-Ego.”

Hey, no prob.

Before anyone could question Roy’s sanity or cower more in sight of the Articuno, a male voice called out from behind a nearby spire.

"What are you all doing here?"

The man walked out into plain sight, calling the Articuno to land behind him.

“Anyway, who here knows who I am?”

A few hands rose in an elementary-school fashion with Cinnabar merely blurting out the words, “Samuel Oak of the Elite Four.”


“Wait a moment…you wouldn’t have anything to do with Terrut City, now would you?” one from the group asked.

Oak was silent for a moment before replying. “What are you talking about?”

“You and your crew murdered a guy!” Max yelled.

“I have done no such thing.”

Max was unsure whether to believe Oak or not and began reaching for Eev’s PokeBall. Vermil, standing behind him, did likewise. Roy, who was listening to Ego rant about how crazy everything was…well…more occupied with watching the events unfold than releasing his Pokemon. 

“If you’re so intent on framing me for something such as murder,” began Oak, “then I guess we have no choice then to fight, hm?”

Cinnabar nodded, “So it seems.”

“Articuno, play time!”

“Does he play ‘fetch’?” Roy asked, not entirely sure what was going on.

Oak was slightly dumbfounded for a moment before regaining his composure.


“That’s lame.”

The Articuno flew up high into the air and began circling the summit as the gang released their Pokemon. Upon releasing hers, Daemon began fumbling with the dead Sentrant.

“Daemon, what does the Sentrant say about Articuno’s power level?” Roy asked.



“Wait…I had it upside-down. It’s one-thousand six.”

Roy heaved a sigh of relief, “Phew…that’s much better.”

Did we just rip off a YouTube series AND a commercial anime?” Id asked.

So what if we did?", Ego shrugged, “The fans love this crap.”

What fans?

Ignoring whatever insanity was brewing, the others began setting up their strategies for toppling the Articuno.

The End

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