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Eternal Berg, BSTF, June 6th, 2009



"We're moving in closer..." Cried a young man, not a teenage but still not aged in appearance. He was beyond anxious - His first mission on Rocket Logistics' PCM Team found him saddled with Gregory Birch, a large man who seemed far too depressed for his own good. Birch ignored the man, simply turning his head out of the window. The Rocket Helicopter made the man far more scared than it should - although, the mouth of the volcano into which they were heading was not any more helpful.

"What's your name?" Birch said, not turning to face the man.

"Viridian," He said, tense. "And you're Birch of the Elite Four... you're famous."

Birch seemed only to smirk as the helicopter went lower.

It was only a few minutes more before the Helicopter had touched down, allowing Viridian to quickly exit the Helicopter that he so loathed. Birch did not seem to need a moment, like Viridian did, to compose himself. He simply strode boldly forward, looking - with the same depressed look - at the pillar before him.

"Well, it looks like the boss was right... It's the second to last Seat." Birch proclaimed seemingly to no-one.

"Okay, I'll make a note of it. So, we've got the one just outside of Phenac City..."


"The seat at the Peril Cliffs of Almia."

"Check. Nearly died there. Something to be happy about, I suppose."

"Kisara Plains of Fiore?" 

"Got it."

"Lost Cave in the Sevii Islands?"


"Mirage Forest in Holon?"

"It's there."

"Spear Pillar?"

"Got it."

"What about Sootopolis, Indigo Plateau and the sunken Seat at the lake of Rage?"

"All here."

"And you've got the one north of Fel City in Cyren?"

"Yes. That leaves numbers 11 and 12 - 11 being here, at the mouth of Mt. Aughen? This is what it's called, right? I've never been here before... to Towen, I mean."

"And 12..." Birch simply turned away and walked back to the Helicopter. "... That would be be out at Shamouti Island in the Orange Archipelago. Rowan is out there at the moment."

"Oh, really?" Viridian said, turning to face Birch. 

Birch simply climbed back into the helicopter and sat down in his original seat, appearing to start napping.

"Wake me when you're done doing... whatever it is you do to these things."

Viridian turned back to the Seat. It was strange, crystalline - and yet, somehow dull. As if it was more rock than crystal.

The End

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