Birds: Raiding a Medical Faculty for Fun and Profit

RockXIII, June 4th, 2009

--The Next Day- Terrut City--

"So... this is goodbye, then?" Vermil said.

Polaris sighed, "Don't make this into a damn sappy movie scene. I just want to get out of here with Max and Hari as soon as possible."

Fujitsu was barely paying attention, as a lot was on his mind ever since the scene with Latios and Latias and the talk with Cinnabar. For one, he'd already seen two very rare pokemon on his journey, which was quite unexpected and exhilarating for him. While he detested fighting them, he admitted that it was good practice for his pokemon, mainly Pichu, as Tyrogue had already had experience fighting because he once had belonged to another trainer.

But, all feelings of positivity was erased by what Cin had said about Capsule Solutions. Capsule was a company that everybody trusted, that gave people confidence. Fujitsu had once even written a letter to the company showing his support after an interview with the head of Capsule in the monthly magazine Poketechnology. The idea of the betrayal of the company was nearly unthinkable to him, as would be to almost everybody else. How could such a trusted company do such a thing...? The question wasn't just gnawing on his head, it was biting it off. He'd seen so many pokemon dead because of this, and just to remind everybody of how important the-

"Fujitsu? Are you alright?" asked Daemon, slightly worried.

Fujitsu blinked a couple of times and shook his head, trying to get his mind back into reality. He looked around and only saw Cinnabar, Vermil, Roy, and Daemon around them. In the distance, turning on one of the block corners, he saw Max, Hari, and Polaris talking, and not even glancing back.

"I really wish they didn't want to leave. We could use the help exposing Capsule Solutions," said Fujitsu.

"We could, but it's their choice, not ours," sighed Roy. He put a bottle of tea up to his lips and tilted it to drink it, but nothing came out. Looking down the bottle, he continued, "And I need some more tea."

"I think that there's some at the pokecentre here," Fujitsu said.

"Oh, yeah, we need to see how Saffy's doing now," said Vermil, looking in the direction of the Pokemon Center.

Fujitsu thought for a moment and said, "She's the girl who's in a coma but actually isn't, right?"

"Yeah. Well, let's not keep her waiting." Vermil started towards the pokecentre, followed by everybody else.

Wen they finally arrived at the Pokemon Center, They quickly noticed that nobody was in it. There wasn't any trainers, no Nurse Joy, no pokemon, nothing except for the inanimate objects. Cinnabar rang the bell on the Nurse's counter a couple of times, but she didn't come. Fujitsu, at the top of his lungs, yelled for anybody through absolute gibberish, making it almost impossible to decipher what he was saying, and temporarily deafening Roy, who was standing right next to him. When still nobody would come, they just gave up and strode (or in Daemon's case, floated) over to Saffy's room.

Vermil opened the door silently. As they entered the room, they took one look at Saffy's bed, and only found a messy bed with nobody in it. They checked the closet, under the covers, even under the bed. Daemon tried making her "poof" in front of them, but that, of course, didn't work.

"Where is she?" said Vermil as they walked back to the counter. Still nobody.

"Where is everybody else for that matter?" replied Roy, checking behind the counter for Nurse Joy. Nope.

Fujitsu suggested, "Maybe they're at a fair that we don't know about?"

"We should check the entire center first before going anywhere else," said Cin. "Roy, you, Daemon and Fujitsu check the left side of the center. I'll go check the right side with Vermil."

Doing what they were told, they split up to their assigned areas. The left side of the pokecentre consists of storage rooms and the kitchens, while the right side held the medical rooms and the bedrooms for travelers. Fujitsu, Roy, and Daemon split themselves up to search faster, Fujitsu being in the pokeball storage, Roy in the kitchen (who also used the opportunity to get a new bottle of tea), and Daemon went to the miscellaneous storage rooms. On the right side, Cinnabar went to check in the medical rooms while Vermil checked the bedrooms.

When Fujitsu checked the pokeball storage, even he was surprised to see that even the pokeballs were missing. He looked under the equipment, behind the emergency transfer computer, and climbed into the Pikachu power generator. That wasn't a smart idea, seeing that he couldn't find a way back out. He thought about breaking it open, but he knew that the generator cost three-thousand dollars and ninety-nine cents to replace, so he just sat there and started playing a Game and Watch game.

Roy found a bottle of tea in a matter of minutes, and began opening cabinets, drawers, and he even the freezer unit. When he finished his search in there, he attempted to open the door again, he found that he locked himself in. Panicking, he pushed against it, slammed it, and punched it (which wasn't a very good idea). He had to get Duke to use Ember to escape, followed by much badgering from Conscience for not thinking about that earlier.

Daemon started searching in the medical supply room and ended up trapped in an avalanche of boxes, which was slowly crushing her. She finally was able to produce a Daemon Ball and used it to blow up a path for her to climb out of, leaving a behind a spring-like fragrance that made her feel dizzy. She next found the furniture storage and knocked over chairs, tables, and a refrigerator due to her increasing dizziness.

Vermil searched the rooms one by one, checking everywhere he could think of in each one, but with no success. He double checked, and thought he might have seen somebody, but that was only a heap of clothes sailor's clothes laying on the ground and a broken radio. He shook his head and wondered where in the world could everybody be when Cin came up to him, breathing a bit quickly and said, "Find everyone else and bring them back to the emergency room as fast as you can."

Vermil wasted no time in bringing everybody back, but it took a little while because Roy was sitting on the ground still shaking from the freezer, Daemon was too dizzy to walk straight, and Fujitsu was still stuck in the Pikachu generator. Vermil came in with Roy and Daemon to get him last when he was hopping around like a frog.

"What are you doing??" inquired Vermil.

Fujitsu replied, "Hopping off my boredom and trying to regain insanity."

"Look at him!" exclaimed Ego, pointing a finger at Fujitsu. "He WANTS to be crazy! Why don't you!? That way you can out-crazy him easily! GET CRAZY, DAMMIT!!"

Roy ignored him and began to help Fujitsu out, which took about five minutes of trying to figure out how to get in. It turns out Fujitsu came in through a rather large air duct, and fell in. Fujitsu had to get a rope from out of his trunk so that they could pull him up, which was difficult for all of them, because Fujitsu somehow weighed so much, it was amazing how he kept his figure.

When they finally got him out, they returned to the emergency room door and found Cinnabar waiting for them with a very serious look on his face.

"Now," he began. "Before you go in there, do you like scary movies?"

Everybody just shrugged and muttered in confusion at this. Where was he going with this...?

"Alright, follow me, then," he said, gesturing for them to follow.

The room was a fairly large room, full with medical equipment for pokemon, and a single desk lamp was burning out. Everything was silhouetted because of this, and none of them could really make anything out. Cin was leading them to a red wall, from what they could make of it, at the back of the room. The atmosphere had a kinda terrorizing feel to it, and you could smell...

"What's that smell?" asked Daemon, sniffing in the direction of the wall.

"This," said Cinnabar, picking up a remote. He pushed a button, turning on the lights.

The sudden burst of bright light hurt everybody's eyes for a few moments and it took a minute to adjust to the light. Daemon was the first to see clearly, and she nearly screamed. Fujitsu was second, and upon sight, he immediately turned away from this horrid violation. The third was Roy, who almost dropped his bottle, and didn't even bother to register Ego's reaction of "Now some stranger is out-crazying us." Vermil was last, and he just stared at the the wall, not sure what to feel.

On the wall was a horrible bloody and gory mess enough to scare even the toughest of men, and yet all it said was the word "ORIGIN".

The End

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