Birds: Complete and Total Jibberish


May 26, 2009


Roy walked up to Daemon, she was fiddling with the Dead Sentrent. Wondering what Daemon was so interested in he asks, "whats up--you haven't left that dead Sentrant all day."

"thats not a dead Sentrant! THIS is a dead Sentrant" as Daemon pulls a P*DA out. Roy does not know where it came but does not feel like questioning that part.

"That dead Sentrant looks suspiciously like a P*DA to me".

Daemon glances at it, and looks a little surprised. "So it is! You're a miracle Roy" she says as she hugs a somewhat confused Roy.

Ego simple sits on Roy's shoulder and says, "Just go with it."

Id replies, "that is amazingly big of you,"

"Naw, I am just trying to piss of Conscience. I can make Roy ol' boy out crazy Daemon and Fujitsu yet!"

Roy was not really paying attention to Ego's and Id's conversation yet. Just still trying to figure out what is going on.

Daemon cheers up and smiles at Roy, "Now I can study the standard and uber metagames and propperly categories the best settings of monsters on strengthes, move pools and strategies involved in monsters without sticking to somewhat ill defined UU and OU patterns that have little to no relevance on propper use of a monster"

Roy jibbers a little, not understanding a word Deamon said, "wha...."

"Complete and total jibberish."

Kane rolls her eyes. Duke looks over at Kane, "<you know, we could try to talk Roy into trading Spark for you... Roy isn't nearly as bad as your trainer.>"

Spark, playing with Pichu and Tyrogue, looks over, "<what about trading me? I like Roy.>"

The End

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