Birds: A recap of all events worth noting.

RockXIII, May 16, 2009


"Bye-bye, officer-girl person!" Fujitsu called to Jenny as she left the center.

Fujitsu ran up to Joy (who jumped at this), and said, "I'm sorry for the trouble we've caused you. We'll try to tone it down."

After getting a positive response from her (which took a minute or two to do), Fujitsu walked back over to Roy and Daemon, putting his hands on his hips, feeling relieved, saying, "Well, that was kinda eventful, doncha' think?"

Roy replied, "That isn't nearly as eventful as what we've been through on our journey." He sighed.

"Ooo... Story-time, story-time!" chimed Fujitsu. "C'mon guys, story-time!"

Pichu and Tyrogue, who were playing with Duke and Spark in a game of tag, immediately came over to hear, pretty much because whenever Fujitsu calls for "story-time", it should be worth their while just to sit and listen. They took a seat right by Fujitsu and looked up at the other two.

"Well, I guess I could take a break from my research to tell you a bit," said Daemon, putting away the dead Sentret.


-My (as in RockXIII me) Subconscious -

Sighing, I walked around the empty nutcase of a head that I have, thinking of a way to solve my current problems. I summoned a couple pieces of furniture to create a pacing pattern to hopefully spark something, but nothing happened. I looked in a mirror. During this time, I seemed to have taken the appearance of the Fujitsu from the Seraph Knights IFF.

"Hm... I have wings," I simply stated.

I paused, letting the fact sink in. Then, as if somebody flipped a switch on me, I flipped out and screamed, "HOLLY SHITE!!! I HAVE WINGS!!"

Due to the rush of excitement, I immediately started running about and trying to take flight, all the time singing "One Winged Angel" from Final Fantasy VII. It took about ten minutes, but I finally got the hang of flying, but not landing; all of the landings were crash-landings. I ended up breaking an arm at the twentieth crash, but immediately healed it because it was MY FREAKING MIND.

I took a look at the mirror again. I wished the wings away, and they did so, leaving me with a cloak, a black hole T-shrit, and the other stuff. I walked up to it and said, "Wow... that was much duller than usual."

The mirrored me replied, "Yeah, I wonder why? And did you come up with anything?"

I shook my head. "Nope. I haven't figured out anything for my more important issues. But I did manage to cut through the story Daemon and Roy were telling Fujitsu."

"I thought you were Fujitsu?"

"Please, don't apply logic to me. It's as bad of an idea as putting a can of spray paint in a microwave," I said.



Fujitsu had his mouth hanging open by the end of tale, which was concluded by Roy. His pokemon were also amazed, mainly at the part with the Zapdos and Ho-oh. Fujitsu was Jealous at that part, because he'd seen all sorts of rare pokemon at the Celestic Town Pokemon Center, but he had never seen a legendary pokemon in person before; it was also a reason why he wanted to explore the world. To at least see a glimpse of the Kanto legendaries.

"So, wasn't that an exciting story, guys?" he asked his pokemon. They nodded.

"So, what should we do now?" asked Daemon.

"I could show you all a magic trick," said Ego.

Roy finally snapped. "FOR THE LAST BLEEDING TI-!!"

Fujitsu clamped both of his hands over Roy's mouth to prevent him from yelling. Even though Fujitsu's hands were pressing as hard as they could over his mouth, that didn't stop him from giving his outburst to Ego. After about two minutes of muffled yelling, he stopped. Cautiously, Fujitsu pulled his hands off of Roy's mouth and stepped away.

"Problem solved, nurse!" he called over to Joy, who was hiding beneath the counter.

"Are you okay, Roy?" Daemon asked.

He nodded with Fujitsu' hands still on Roy's mouth. "Yeah, I think so. So, what SHOULD we do?"

Fujitsu thought thoughtfully for a minute before suggesting, "How about we look through my mystical trunk of wonders?"

The three of them looked over to the seat where he had set it, taking in the suggestion. Roy and Daemon admitted to themselves that they were curious as to what was in that trunk of his. But it also raised another question.

"Why do you lug that around everywhere, anyway?" Roy asked.

Fujitsu looked at him in shock and fear. "DON'T SAY ANYTHING ELSE LIKE THAT!! Applying logic to me Is as bad of an idea as putting a can of spray paint in a microwave! Nay, it's the same thing as a death wish!"

"So... We shouldn't look through it..?" asked Daemon.

"Oh no, that's a great idea. Let's do that right now," Fujitsu said, forgetting his fear of logic.

The End

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