Birds: Confronted by the Law


May 16th, 2009


Officer Jenny arrived while Roy was apologising to Fujitsu, and trying to explain what he meant. Daemon was inspect several pokemon for invisible pimples with her dead Sentrant. Officer Jenny walks in, and Nurse Joy points to the trio causing the trouble. Jenny replies to Joy, "You know, Joey"

"Please... I prefer Joy"

"Okay, Joy," Jenny answers sighing, "you should be able to handle things better in your own Pokemon Centre"

"Yeah... I just well.. am scared... I want to be seen a prim, propper and delicate"

"And yet you go, regularly, drinking in bars."

"Well, could you deal with them?"

Jenny walks up to our favourite trio of insanity, but on walking to them Daemon intercepts hitting a few "buttons" on her dead Sentrant, and puts infront of Jenny, "Official Pokemon Researcher business"

"Thats a dead sentrant..."

Daemon hits a few more buttons, and puts it up again, "here's my id"

"How they heck did you get a dead Sentrant to have your id... uh... Krystal Spectrum? Wait? Krystal Spectrum... I thought you'd still be in Kanto getting treatment"

"Well Kanto's public health system only really applies to Pokemon"

"Yeah, Cyren's health system can be just as neglectful. Normally I'd tell you to seek console with Nurse Joey... I mean Joy... but she is currently having some major therapy she is going through as well. Are these other two with you."

Fujitsu runs up and beside Daemon, "I am here to travel a bit! The Nurse Joys at our pokemon centres told me they were just holding me back from my full potential."

Officer Jenny pulls up a small computer device, "Oh yes, Fujitsu, the Joey.. I mean Joy... who phoned me was concerned you'd get into trouble."

"I am helping Daemon with research."

Roy having yet another mental argument with himself notices Fujitsu and walks over to Officer Jenny, "Uh, Jenny is there a problem? Joy hasn't really said anything." Roy looks over, Joy seems to be sheepishly behind the counter, seeming to be scared of Roy the most due to his fierce arguments with the various parts of him. Though, Joy seemed to be quite wary of Daemon. Roy just noted that when somebody makes use of dead, but cute, but still dead pokemon for various tech toy, it generally scares people.

Jenny looks to Roy, "Well it seems you guys are causing a ruckus... I am going ask you guys to tone it down a little. I only came here with my Growlithe and my mortercycle thinking Joey... I mean Joy just wasn't starting to freak out due to all the people here."

Ego looks up at Roy, "do me proud, and put a smile on her face."

Roy looks to where Ego allegedly was standing, and replies, "I have no intention of harming Officer Jenny."

Jenny replies, "good... now, could I see some id on you, there Mr. Not Harm Representatives of Authority"

Ego yells out, "She knows too much! Stab her with your stolen tool!"

Roy looks down at Ego, "I don't have a spoon."

Ego crosses his arms, "not my fault"

Roy pulls out his pokemon trainers license, and shows it to Jenny. Jenny looks if over, "oh yeah you! How is your arm and leg. I loved that show by the way." Jenny looks over to Duke and Spark, "is that the Pichu? What a lovely little guy. So what are you doing here? I didn't think I'd see you after I was relocated."

Roy sighs, "Due to my own foolishness I got roped into a journey. I mostly stick with Daemon due to familiarity--"

Id slurps up some noodles and says, "and you feel oddly safe around her."

Consciousness still crying a little bit, "why would I feel safe around her?! She has made my job impossible!"

Ego laughs and replies, "and _mine_ deliciously tasty and.. where is my tool? I am starting to craving jello."

Consciousness looks over at Ego, "No jello for people I don't like!"

Ego looks a little long in the face, "ooh... if I give you a straight blade will you feel better?"

Consciousness narrows her eyes at Ego, "you know I don't cut... I have an image to uphold."

Ego narrows his eyes as well, "not what I heard."

Roy looks down at Ego's and Consciousness' little spat, "behave guys!" Then looks up at Jenny, "anyways there are others we are traveling with"

Jenny looks at Roy, "Anyways you behave too, Roy... practice what you preach. Anyways, drop by my station, we can talk music. All the Jennies in the Cyren region love music... except the one on Aurrand Island... she keeps curling up into a ball, muttering about crystal caves when we discuss music at our police get togethers."

Jenny looks at Daemon, "I hope your research goes well... Also thanks for gathering the sticks in that field for us... we've been wanting Farmer McGraw to do that, but he seems to like his properties to be a complete mess."

Jenny looks at Fujitsu, "while you are helping Daemon with your research, could you make sure the Nurse Joeys, I mean Joys (I'll never get use to that), are okay? I've heard nothing but good reports on you.. though they do note you seem to over do it."

Jenny walks over to Nurse Joy, "problem solved. Now quit relying on liquid courage to be social... you are after all a very" Jenny stutters a little, "as much as it is weird to admit this, pretty woman. And you do your voice well, nobody is going to find out."

The End

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