Birds: Invisible ACNE and Spoink Flu


April 30th, 2009


Well, Daemon went into the bathroom to do a touch up on her makeup. Roy was too busy trying to convince Conscious not to do something rather stupid, and Fujitsu was playing with some pokemon. Then a scream comes from the bathroom. Roy jumps up. Ego simply says, "I swear I was here the whole time... maybe it was my evil twin nemesis, Bizarro Ego."

Fujitsu perks up right away.

Daemon comes flying out, "its hidious... the zit! on my face!"

Roy looks over at Daemon, not really seeing anything of nothing, tries to calm her down, "what where?"

Ego replies, "Clearly she has Spoink Flu... and it has gone to her brain."

Daemon turns her head away, "You're just saying that to make me think I am not hideously deformed"

Ego comments, "come on, you're crazier than I am.. hideous deformities are part of the job."

Roy ignoring Ego, tells Daemon, quite honestly, "I don't see a pimple... you have nothing to worry about."

Daemon gasps, "oh no! Maybe it is an INVISIBLE PIMPLE! This entire pokemon centre could be infected by them already, and we will never know!"

Fujitsu comments, "I had an invisible watermelon once... tried to eat to myself, because everyone thought I was lying about it.. I ended up getting sick and had a rotten invisible watermelon."

Ego looked somewhat cross, "see, they are out crazying us again... say something nutzo to make me proud."

Roy yells out, "Will you stop badgering me you joker wannabe, its bad enough my conscious is on the verge of killing herself because of you!"

Id eats some noodles and simple whistles at the situation. At this point nurse Joy started dialing officer Jenny.

The End

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