Birds: True Human and the Murder Spree

Eternal Berg, BSTF, April 23, 2009


The PinHaDiZ museum was, Vermil thought blunty, incredibly boring. It was really just a shrine to President Grau, who had comissioned it's building as part of a 'Civic Pride' movement. Other than that, there was just information on it's construction and operation – although he did admit it was slightly interesting how they kept the Snow Region cold. The PDA was seeming to shout, by this point, that the Amulet was right under his feet – A strange concept, given that he was pretty sure there was nothing but rock from the mountain under the Museum.

“It's not just rock, you know.” A familiar voice piped up from behind Vermil. It was the strange floating pokemon from the Rocket Logistics Building.

“Why are you following me?” Vermil asked, seemingly unphased by it's sudden appearance. 

“Well, now that would be giving the game away,” It said with a devilish grin, “And I do love a nice long game. Like monopoly. Or Cluedo.”

“Cluedo was always short for me,” Vermil said as he began walking away from the pokemon. It reappeared directly in his path.

“That's because you're playing to find the killer.” It laughed a little, but Vermil ignored it. He passed straight through it and found himself facing a door.

“Do I want to go through here?” Vermil asked, turning around to face his visitor.

“Only you can answer that.” The pokemon laughed quite loudly, an invitation that Vermil could not resist. The pair were both laughing in the Museum's hallway, and it was some moments before Vermil finally recomposed himself. He shifted his weight to one leg and crossed his arms. 

“What are you, then?” He asked the strange pokemon.

“I'm a Mismagius.” It said bluntly.

“And what is one of those when it's at home, then?” Vermil asked innocently.

“I'm just a helpful meddler. There are those that think you're about to do a terrible thing,” It said, smiling, “And those that want to stop you from going through that door.” 

“They sound like the same people,” Vermil retorted, before reaching into his bag. “I have nothing on me whatsoever that could harm anyone in any regard without me physically beating that unlucky person. What am I doing that's so wrong?”

“Nuh-uh, no way,” The Mismagius said defiantly, “Like I said. I won't give the game away.”

“Sounds like the stakes are high.” 

“Just how they should be.” The Mismagius began floating away, slowly disappearing as it did. “You're weak, Vermilion. You know it, I know it, and the great thing is that it's going to end up being the strongest force in the world.” 

Vermil frowned as the Mismagius finally disappeared completely. It didn't take long before he had contacted Daemon with a simple message. 

'PinHaDiZ Museum. Come prepared.'


Saffy sat upright with a bolt. It scared Willow terribly, so much so that she dropped the pokeball she had been tinkering with. It smashed onto the ground, shattering into a thousand tiny, elaborate pieces. An entire universe in tiny fragments on the floor.

“Saffy? Are you okay?” Willow said, still somewhat shaken by the sudden event.

Saffy simply turned to her and stared, her gaze seemingly empty. 


Saffy stood, removing herself from the Pokemon Centre's Bed.

“Are you okay?”

Her feet did not touch the floor.


It was beginning.

The End

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