Birds: When Things Make the Most Sense


Longsword, April 21st, 2009


Roy grumbled as the Freudian Trio began a slap-fight, save Id, who had merely conjured another cup of ramen and chopsticks while vocalizing his insults. Deciding to ignore them, he walked up to the desk and obtained his Pokemon now that they were healed.

Fumbling with the buttons on the red-and-white orbs, he let the two out. "There, that's better now, isn't it?"

Duke barked in the affirmative.

Roy smirked before he looked back to Conscience and Ego, who had both apparently given up and now were sulking in self-pity.

"What's with you two?"

"Eh...just ignore them," Id mumbled. "They're having an emo moment. Watch it for too long and you'll become one yourself."


"I know you're right there, Spark."


"So, what's got them so depressed?"

"Eh, I told them they both sucked at their jobs. On Conscience's part, that's true. Ego's...not so much. I think he just likes to sulk."

"It's rather relaxing."

Conscience suddenly buried her head in her knees and began crying loudly, "Stop mocking me!"

"What did I say?" Ego shrugged.

"Nothing. Just ignore her," Id sighed.

Conscience's crying suddenly became louder as she bellowed, "Why does everyone hate me?!"

"We don't hate you."

"I do," Ego raised his hand, which in turn led to an increase in the crying.

Id walked over and backhanded Ego. "You moron, I'm trying to make her stop."

Roy sighed, picking up Conscience and putting her on his shoulder in an attempt to calm her down. "This better?"


Id and Ego exchanged dumbstruck looks.

"Why didn't we think of that?" Id grumbled.

"Because we're morons, Id. Because we're morons. Anyway, how about we celebrate over some of that ramen you seem to have an endless supply of?"

"Like hell we will."

"Take it easy...there's no need to be harsh. How 'bout a magic trick?"

"I'll show you a 'magic trick'!" Id yelled, pulling up the sleeves of his jacket before leaping on Ego and punching him several times.

Conscience looked back on the two from atop Roy's shoulder with her eyebrows furrowed. Aiming her hands toward them, she began to draw energy.


Like before, a bluish beam of energy exploded from her hands and hit both Id and Ego leaving a burn mark on the counter.

"<Duke...what's that?>" Spark asked, noticing the sudden appearance of smoke rising from the counter.

"<It's smoke. I don't think they allow cigarettes in here...where did it come from?>"

"<No you think Roy's developed powers?>"

"<'Pyrokinetic'. Spark, if I were you, I would just shrug off all of the weird things lately and go with them. Seriously, I stopped trying to make sense of things a long time ago.>"

"<How long ago?>"

Duke thought for a moment. "<When I first met Roy.>"

The End

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