Birds: KYA! /Celery Dance

RockXIII, April 20, 2009


When Polaris was done recalling his memory, Fujitsu looked at Picasso and smiled. He walked towards him and placed a hand on his head, saying, "You must be very happy to have him as a trainer, huh?"

"<I like how he thinks,>" he said, nodding.

Fujitsu knelt down beside him and started checking out his fur, eyes, ear, almost anything that would show his health condition. The others just watched him, unsure of what he was doing, and Max was eying him suspiciously. It was about a minute before he stood up.

"Well, it's very obvious that you've been taking good care of him. He shows all the signs of a healthy Pokemon," he said.

"And how would you know that?" Max inquired with the same suspicion as his eyes.

Fujitsu looked towards him, not showing any signs that he caught the suspicious tone in his voices and replied, "I used to volunteer all the time at my local Pokemon Center in Celestic Town. I know a LOT of things that has to do with Pokemon."

"Celestic Town? Isn't that in Sinnoh?" Hari asked.

Fujitsu nodded. "Yup. While I was born in the Hoenn region, I lived almost all of my life in Celestic Town. By the way, we haven't said any of our names yet. I'm Fujitsu," he added.

"I'm Polaris," the artist said.

"My name's Hari, Nice to meet you," Hari said, his Misdrevious floating around his head.

"Nice to meet you, too," Fujitsu replied. He waited for Max to give his name, but he remained silent. When he got the message after a minute, he threw on a sad puppy dog face and asked, "Please?"

Hesitating, he said, "...Max."

Satisfied with the response, Fujitsu jumped into the air and yelled, "KYYYAAAAAA!!! Now that we have introduced ourselves, we shall meet the most awesomest persons alive at the pokecentre. Now, we run to the place!!"

Fujitsu then began to run to the Pokemon Center, but after seeing how slow the others were moving compared to him, he groaned and walked right beside them, which was agonizing for him, because he got so worked up about going back to the pokecentre, giving him his normal hyperactive energy back, and as he had all that energy back, he had the urge to use up as much of it as he can, but now he felt force to feel the energy get built up in his body. In shorter terms, though, he could barely control himself.

When they reached the Pokemon Center, he couldn't stand it any longer, and he darted into the building, yelling, "THE FOUL DEED HAS BEEN DONE!! I HAVE DRAGGED YOUR FRIENDS AS PRISONERS HERE!! AND WHEN THEY GET HERE I'LL MAKE THEM DO THE CELERY DANCE!! MWAHAHAHAHAH!!!"

Daemon was currently typing on the dead Sentret, most likely seeing if there was any process on the NOAW, and Roy had stopped arguing with himself, and was drinking tea, there being three cups on the table, all waiting to be drunk by Roy.

Daemon looked up and had a thoughtful expression on her face, and finally asked, "But I though Mr. Celery Pants didn't teach that dance to you yet?"

All hell exploded in Fujitsu's head.

The End

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