Birds: KA-BOOM!

RockXIII, April 20, 2009


Fujitsu's right ear twitched. The ground shook unnoticeably, but his feet still picked up the vibes. His head turned towards the door, his eyes and ears intent on gathering more information, but gained nothing more of the short faintness. He stood up, worried. Was there an explosion, and had somebody been hurt...?

"Fujitsu? Is something wrong?" Daemon asked, chewing on a piece of bread.

Even Roy took notice of this while he was talking with himself and asked, "Yeah, did you hear something?"

Fujitsu's eyebrows furrowed as he tried to pick up any form of screaming, but only heard the chatter of the people in the Pokemon Center. He said, "I thought I heard an explosion... ...You guys wait here, I'm going to see if anybody's hurt."

Roy and Daemon looked at each other, confused. Roy said, "Uh... sure."

Fujitsu nodded and ran out the door, his Pichu and Tryogue tailing behind. Roy and Daemon, confused by his sudden change in personality, but continued with their previous activities while Fujitsu found out what was going on.

Once outside the pokecentre, he looked around for any sign of smoke or fire, any wind of screaming. His pokemon were trying their best too, but even through their efforts, though found nothing. They jogged around the front of the line of buildings to the left of the Pokemon Center, but found nothing. It wasn't until they started to check the back of them that they heard, "Will you stop that!? You headbutting me is what made that Daemon Ball explode in the first place!"

On the words "Daemon Ball", Fujitsu made a guess that whoever said that was a friend of Daemon and Roy's and guessed that they were playing around with the custom pokeball that he had seen her use. But... explode...? Fujitsu had never heard of an exploding pokeball before, even in the Pokemon Center that he volunteered at, so that's what made him even more worried.

He looked around and saw a furious Misdreavus trying to headbutt a guy with a trench coat, and he attempted to dodge her, but occasionally got hit in the gut. An Eevee, who had been watching the whole time slammed into the Misdreavus from behind and pinned it too the ground, growling.

"Tyrogue! Pichu!" Fujitsu yelled, but they were already ahead of him. Tyrogue ran and jumped right next to the Eevee and pulled him off by the neck with one hand while Pichu helped the other up, and it followed her to a trainer, who was evidently in shock. The guy with the trench coat immediately got angry.

"Hey! Let him go!" he yelled.

The Eevee struggled against Tryogue's grasp but failed to get free. Then, surprising Fujitsu and poor Tryogue, Eevee used his hind legs to kick him in the groin, causing Tryogue to let go him and curl up into a ball on his side on the ground, trying to ward of the pain.

Now Fujitsu was mad, and rushed over to him, yelling, "OI! That's not fair play! You can't do that to him!" He knelt over Tyrogue and threw a furious look at the Eevee and the trainer.

"Too late. He already did," the trainer said mockingly.

Pichu, who obviously saw this, left the Misdreavus and her trainer to run over to the Eevee and gave him a strong Thundershock, much to Fujitsu's surprise. He called him over to give him a stern scolding about attacking other pokemon without his saying so, but the other trainer was quicker.

"Eev! Use Quick Attack!" he ordered. The Eevee gladly obliged and hit Pichu in the head.

"Pichu!" Fujitsu gasped. He ran over to him and shot another look at the trainer. If he wanted a pokemon battle, then fine. He'll get one...

The End

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