Birds: This is the end my friend. The end of our story. The end. My only friend, the end.

Eternal Berg: BSTF, April 19th, 2009


Vermil was still having trouble with the GPS on Daemon's PDA. It was clunky and a little bit incomprehensible, which he assumed was why Daemon loved it. He was wandering rather aimlessly around the resort town's main street (of which there only seemed to be two), but yet was lost. Before long, he found what appeared to be a small zoo, with several small, public enclosures that seemed to hold various pokemon. He found it a bit strange that a "Pokemon Resort" would keep them in cages like that.

"You there!" A voice called out towards Vermil. He turned around to find what appeared to be a man in a large Charizard suit walking towards him. 

"What, me?" Vermil asked, pointing to himself as the Charizard-man approached. It was a strange choice, given that Charizard, as a pokemon, was not found in Cyren.

"Yes! You! You seem new in town!" He said, pulling what looked like a security pass from his pocket. "As spokesman for the PInHaDiZ, It is my honor to give you - the 10000th visitor this year - a free pass to 'behind the scenes' of the PInHaDiZ!" 

"The what?" Vermil said, slightly perplexed. 

"The 'Behind the Scenes' area - you get a free pass to the PInHaDiZ Historical area, a museum which documents the purpose, history and construction of the PInHaDiZ." The Charizard man handed Vermil a map and pointed to the entrance to the PInHaDiZ, at the north east of the town. "It's towards the back, and it normally costs $15 dollars. Well, have fun!" He said, wandering off. Vermil stood there, slightly dumbstruck, pausing before heading on to the PInHaDiZ.

The man in the Charizard suit watched Vermil without him knowing from a safe distance, waiting for him to enter the PInHaDiZ. A small child dragged his attention away, asking for a piggy-back ride. The Charizard-man picked the child up instead, and rested him on his shoulder, before turning back to the entrance, just as Vermil walked in.

"You see that, kid? That's the end of the world." The Charizard-man said, solemnly, before laughing and bouncing the child up and down a few times.


"Maria, I'm going to have to go away for a few days." Defacto-President Weiss was a little bit worried, and he dabbed his brow with a handkerchief as he handed his assistant a stack of papers. "These are for incineration. Just basic financial copies that Accounting doesn't need. On that note, I want you to send a memo to accounting too." He handed her a small piece of paper. "Just that. It's about the public inquiry into Senator Gravelman's Expenses. Full cooperation and all that." He was almost out the door before Maria spoke.

"If I might ask, sir, where will you be?" She said, in a curiously phrased manner, placing emphasis on what Weiss considered wholly inappropriate words. 

"What? Er, I'm just... What does it matter?" He said, wiping his brow again, "It'll be all over he papers. Damned paparazzi."

"That would be the Aipoms with cameras, sir. They're becoming more and more common, and they can catch you anywhere a normal pap couldn't." Maria smiled and turned back to her computer. "I was just curious anyway. Figured you'd tell your assistant these things." She began humming as she typed, and Weiss left the building. He was becoming more and more suspicious of her - what P had said unsettled him, and it was verging on paranoia.


Three Weeks Earlier: 

"I know what you're thinking." President Grau said, slowly taking a sip from his glass. The brown liquid splashed a little as he brought it to his lips, the ice-cubes clinked softly. The window before him, at the front of his Cyren Government Buildings Penthouse, only barely reflected his visitor, the dark night before him refusing to show him anything of value. "Well, it's obvious really."

"Then tell me the answer." His visitor said, growling as he spoke.

"Then tell me the answer." Grau said, in exactly the same voice as his visitor. "You don't need the growl. It doesn't suit you. But I know why you have it. It's the answer, you know."

"... I'm broken, I already know that." His visitor pressed himself against the back of Grau's chair. His presence felt cold and unwelcoming. It was appropriate, Grau thought.

"That's not what I meant. Your voice. I can imitate you. You can't imitate me. Why is that?" Grau said, half laughing as he drank a little more. 

"You've given up smoking." His visitor said softly. "I can feel it."

"Yes, you can. You know that I'm also perfectly calm. Because I know why you're here. I know what you're going to do." He laughed, stood up and walked over to his mantlepiece, lifting his little Elekid statuette. "Remember when I won this? I was just six years old..." Both Grau and the visitor sighed, which caused Grau to laugh a little. "Not so easy, huh?"

"I have to do it."

"I know." Grau shot the visitor a dirty look. "That's the one thing I do not contest."

"It'll save the world. Game over. The end." The visitor rose into the air. It's gaseous form hovered before Grau like a spectre. It was a fearful presence, but Grau was not intimidated in the least.

"The end? It's anything but the end, my poor friend. Anything but." He sighed as he said it, dropping his glass to the floor. It smashed as it hit the wooden floors, the liquid trickling outwards over the shards.

The visitor's ghostly visage grew tremendously, engulfing the entire penthouse. From within the thick purple smoke, Grau simply laughed.

"The end is the beginning, and you know it," Grau laughed harder and harder as the smoke began to choke him, his words being spat out with a mixture of joy and pain, "The day of Origin is coming nigh... The day the world ends."

The smoke began to thicken, crushing Grau, as the visitor simply growled, "I know."

"And it's all your fault." Said Grau, in pain, but clearly saddened.

Those were his final words as he fell to the floor, the shattered glass lying beside his crippled frame.


The Present Day

"Wow!" Said Vermil, genuinely amazed. A herd of Camerupt had just rushed past him, a sight he'd never thought he'd see. He was wandering through the mountain region - one of seven. The other regions; Grassland, Ocean, Cavern, Snow, Forest and Swamp were all very fascinating, but the Mountain region was so far his favourite. Each region had various pokemon - native to the Cyren region or not - and, best of all, he could wander around freely with his Magby. The pair had already had an unfortunate run in with a group of Geodude, but they'd come out the victor. Now all that remained was this 'Behind the Scenes' area - It was located at the very top, it seemed, connected to the Northern 'Mountain Region'. The mountain and cave regions dug into Mt Attara, which lay to the north of both Terrut and Regens. 

The other regions lay as if they were a pie-chart, with ocean region sitting in the very core, with a series of bridges spanning it. The grasslands region lay in the very south of the area, with the snow region to it's right and the forest region to it's left. The forest bled into the swamp, as if it was simply a section of the forest which had been flooded by the ocean region. The swamp then turned into the mountain, which held entrances to both the 'Behind the Scenes' area and the Cavern region. Each area, save for the Caverns and 'Behind the Scenes' ones, held a connecting bridge to the ocean region, which in the middle of it held a rotunda that, via elevator, descended to a series of underwater glass tunnels. 

Magby had felt uncomfortable in these tunnels - Vermil put it down the the water. None of the areas held the amulet, however, but they were getting close. He'd finally worked out how to get the machine working just as he wanted - And to the north, in the special area, seemed to lie what he sought.

"Finally," He said, putting the PDA away, "It's time we got this over with." He spoke with a hint of nervousness in his voice. It had never been in his nature to fight back - he'd always been shy and timid, picked on at school, a bit of a loner by no choice of his own. He'd come farther than he'd thought he could, so far.

The Charizard-man had followed him inside, and was now standing behind him as he headed for the 'Behind the Scenes' area's entrance. His mask was now off, revealing his young face and his scarlet hair. 

"Good going, Vermil. You've nearly made it." He sighed a little as he began to remove the rest of the suit. "You've nearly doomed us all."

The End

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