Birds: Ball Daemon Engineered IN REVERSE!

Kurugi, April 19th, 2009


He would never admit it, but Max was enjoying himself. He had spent an hour messing around with the Daemon balls, and he had a pretty good idea of how they worked. Polaris had been a bit sceptical, and Hari was busy with his cards, oblivious to them both.

"Are you sure?" Polaris rose an eyebrow at the two Daemon balls Max was holding up. They looked identical. "How do you know it's the left one?"

For an answer, the thug turned his hands over, ready to drop them. "Hold 'em."

The artist took the Daemon balls in his own hands. One was definitely lighter, but it wasn't like the difference between lead and paper. More like wet and dry clothes. Max took back the Daemon balls and, to prove he was right, hurled one at Hari's head. Polaris yelled and almost dove for the boy.

The ball popped harmlessly, showering Hari in confetti and leaving him frozen in shock. Polaris waved a hand in front of his unresponsive face, and turned an accusing look to Max.

"Are you crazy?? What if you had been wrong??"

Max only shrugged. "I wasn't." He stepped over to Hari, putting a hand on his head and patting him like a dog.

"He'll be fine when the shock wears off."

Polaris just sighed and picked up his sketch pad. He had been checking them over several times to make sure there were no mistakes. He only found a minor one, easily fixable, and other than that it was a wonderful drawing of the scenery around them. He had even done a drawing of little Hari and his Misdreavus. Carmen seemed very attached to her trainer, as evident by the stern talking to Max was getting. Of course, since none of it was understandable it was all a bit humorous. The thug just stood there, taking the abuse and nodding sagely every once in a while as if he understood.

As if to help out the little one, Eev and Picasso were standing around him. The Eevee sniffed at Hari, cocked his head, and pawed lightly at his arm. Picasso patted Hari's head like Max had, and gave him his cheeriest face. But despite all their efforts, he stayed frozen. Carmen must have been made even angrier by this, because she slammed headlong into Max's chest in a mini headbutt. It would have been funny, if she hadn't made him drop the other Daemon ball.

Max threw himself to the ground, snatching up the explosive and chucking it as hard as he could into the air. It detonated at the peak of its rise, making a brilliant light and a loud bang. Hari woke up just in time to out do the explosion with his scream.

The End

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