Birds: A magic trick


Rock XIII April 16th, 2009


Laughing, Fujitsu looked around to see the expressions on all of the peoples' faces. While they all weren't staring, a couple glanced occasionally towards their location, and some were laughing. One was cracking up. On his second look, he noticed someone putting garbage in an already overfilling trash bin, and immediately set out to throw it away.

"Where's the dumpster, Nurse?" he asked, already tying up the bag.

"Outside at the back- and thank you," she added.

"No prob'. Be back in a sec, 'kai?" he told Daemon and Roy, walking out of the Pokemon Center. 

A hefty breeze was picking up, and felt great on Fujitsu's face. He took a deep whiff of the air and immediately grimaced; the smell of the trash was overwhelming. He ran to the green dumpster and threw it in, yelling, "Die you, demon, die you! Be VANQUISHED!!!"

Strutting away with satisfaction, he made a second attempt at smelling the air. It was the typical air for this time of year, but it still smelled great to him, as does just about everybody else. He looked around to find trainers playing with their pokemon, teaching them new moves, and pokemon playing with one another. He also spotted his Pichu and Tyrogue playing a game of tag with a Marill, a Geodude, and a Bunneary. Pichu was it and was intent on tagging that Bunneary, but she was hopping too high for him. He finally asked Tyrogue to boost him up and tagged him instead. This made Fujitsu crack up and they noticed him and looked in his direction.

"Come on, guys," he called over. "You must be hungry by now."

They said their good byes and followed Fujitsu inside the Pokemon Center. They walked in to find that Daemon got her Ghastly back, and her and Roy's pokemon were out, eating out of pokefood bowls (as he call them). There were even bowls laid out for his pokemon as well, and he thanked Daemon, Roy, Nurse Joy, and everybody else in the room with enthusiasm as Pichu and Tyrogue sat down to eat.

"Remember, guys, NEVER take a whiff of fresh air while holding a garbage bag. Goes around and punches you in the lungs," he said smiling, all three of them taking a seat at a table nearby their pokemon.

"...What?" Daemon inquired.

"Nothing, nothing... Hey, you guys wanna see a magic trick?" asked Fujitsu.

Roy, thinking it was Ego who said it, said, "No, God damn it! How many times do I have to tell you!?" It was apparent that he had lost patience with the Joker look alike saying that.

Fujitsu just stared at him for a second with a hurt expression on his face, and when Roy was about to apologize for saying that, Fujitsu suddenly turned cheery again and said, "Oh well, I'll do it for Daemon, then!"

He took out a pencil that was in his pocket and presented it to her. She looked at it, then Fujitsu and said, "Yes...?"

"It looks like an ordinary pencil, doesn't it?" Fujitsu asked.

Daemon slowly nodded saying, "Yes..."

"That's because it IS an ordinary pencil!" And with that, he drove the entire thing at his head. Daemon shrieked, Roy fell out of his chair, Id dropped his chopsticks, and Ego's jaw fell right open. Conscience appeared as soon as Id's chopsticks hit the ground and yelled, "What the hell did he just do!?! What did you do to him!?"

"I don't know!! He said he wanted to show us a magic trick and he just jammed it in!" Roy whispered, pulling himself up.

Ego shook his head. "That was MY trick he just stole right there!"

Fujitsu seemed motionless for a minute as everybody's eyes in the pokecentre fell on him, shocked. Then, one second later, grinning, he took his hand off of his forehead and let a whole lot of pencil dust fell onto the table. His head showed no evidence of there being a pencil smashed there. Daemon smacked him so hard that he fell from his chair.

"You JERK!" she screamed.

Conscience paused, then said, "Well now we know why he acts the way he does," to the other three's agreement.

The only things laughing in the building were his Pichu and Tryogue, who apparently had seen this "trick" before and had loved it.

The End

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