Birds: Life is Mystery

RockXIII on April 15th, 2009


While Fujitsu wanted to know why Spark electrified Roy like that, he was far too concerned with Lumpy to go back and ask him why. Boy, had he never felt weirder before in his life walking beside them, and yet, he felt somewhat content or something. It was like he was walking with his very best friends back to his house after school. He hadn't had any real friends back at Celestic Town, usually because he didn't really fit in, with his major hyper activity and all. But when was next to Roy and Kry- I mean Daemon, he felt strangely comfortable.

With himself so deep in his thoughts, he hadn't noticed that he was at the pokemon center already, or that he had bumped into the door and had a bleeding nose. Or the fact that he was on the ground without a Lumpy to hold.

"Are you okay?" Daemon asked. "Do you have an eyesight problem or anything?"

Fujitsu tried to stand up regularly, but he didn't even notice that he was on his suitcase, once again like a Squirtle on it's shell. He rolled over and said, "No, but I'm a bit too lost in thought. Maybe being a trainer so suddenly disrupted my trait of thinking or something..."

Roy pipped up. "Suddenly? You mean you weren't planning on becoming a pokemon trainer?"

"Yes and no," Fujitsu said. "While I was sorta kinda maybe a trainer before, I was originally going to explore the world. Then I got caught up in the Pokemon League and stuff. Now I have two badges in my possession and I've no idea what else. Life is a mystery."

"I'll say," Roy mumbled, thinking about his hallucinations.

"Well, let's just get into the pokecentre and get our pokemon healed," Daemon suggested, walking in first.

Roy walked in second, and Fujitsu third, with Pichu and Tyrogue trodding in behind him. 

When he walked in, Daemon was already at the counter with her Ghastly, and Roy seemed to be talking to himself about something. Not knowing what else to do, he just stood in between them and started to do squats. That right away turned into a strange dance that was mimicking a Wingull and ended in about ten seconds. Everybody in there was staring at him, including Daemon, though Roy was too busy arguing with himself to notice.

I wonder if I should argue with myself, too, pondered Fujitsu. He then closed his eyes, took abnormal breaths, and let the argument begin.

The End

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