Birds: PLONKA. It is Glorious

April 15th, 2009


Vermil was trying to figure out the features of the P*DA. It was an odd layout. It appeared to use some really geeky system. One of the ones that used a Piplup as a mascot. It was different than most systems he used, mostly Silph Co. Doors, and Daemon had customised it in a funny manner.

He quickly found the Pokemon Strategy area. Apparently Daemon had informations for how to use various Pokemon. However the strategies were extremely odd. He'd have to fix this... eventually. Somehow it had listed how much money Vermil had, and had his pokemon trainer license picture on it and Vermil's ID. It also mentioned something about his coupons. He had tried handing it to Nurse Joy to figure this out--as Daemon should not be going around with that information. Once it went to Nurse Joy, it had her information on it. It clearly updated by nearest trainer.

It had a feature called "Pokemon Statuses". it had his Magby, with some unlabelled coloured system involving a pentagon. Vermil clicked the about button, "version Devon Alpha Testing version." Vermil got out of that section... causing that program to crash. Odd, on Doors have to reboot at this point. He found he could even open it up again. Having it crash a few more times.

Perhaps I should ask for a new one, he thought mostly because a lot of Daemon's coding was on here. She saw a message from Daemon in the Mailbox--it apparently arrived while he had it charging in the Poke Centre, so that explained why it didn't notify him. He noticed it was low on battery when Daemon gave it to him.

Daemon's message wrote:

Go ahead and delete what you want. Thanks to the glorious PLONKA (Pokemon League Online Network Kanta and Abroad), I've got my data to automatically backup with my Lab in Cerulean.

(((OOC: For future reference, Daemon sent that via her Roadkill Sentrant)))

It had a map, a phone and a few other features. Vermil decided to try selecting the phone option... he should phone his parents--they are prolly were worried about him, and a screen popped up, "PokeCell v0.0.0.5 ASTERISK CODE ACCEPTABLE. INTRODUCING USER INTERFACE IN v0.0.0.6"

Does anything on this wonky thing work? Vermil thought out in response.

It had a Pokemon Monitor, which seemed to be the program he needed. But then an icon popped up, and started ringing. It was quite annoying as Daemon apparently had "Never Going to Give You Up" by Rick Astly as the ring tone. Vermil would need to change that... after he checked out this message.

Prof Willows Message wrote:

Well it seems the Rocket Base is being relocated after that incident. I found out Daemon gave you a P*DA, and I figured I'd let you know they most likely found the domestic disputes reports via Radio Scanners, as there seemed to be one in every room, except the stairs and break room. To help keep track of the Rockets I will get a radio scanner. As it seems Rocket Logistics had a few ham radios for communication. I still don't trust the police. Also repairs to the lab is going fine. I've gotten some trainer's pokemon to help.


Prof. Willow

The End

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