Birds: Pichu's Shock Therapy


Longsword on April 14th, 2009


Roy sighed, following close behind Fujitsu and Daemon. He had already returned Duke to his Pokeball for until they had gotten him treatment. Spark, however, was clinging to the leg of his pants, causing the walk to become a chore.

"Spark, this is a bit annoying, you know that, right?"


Roy rubbed his temples. "Whatever."

"Isn't this just fascinating?" Ego asked.



"To myself, Spark. Just ignore it."

"Smooth. Anyway, I'm going to switch out with Id. I've got to make a report so I know how to handle the next battle."

"Wait, what?"

Id had already appeared in Ego's place. Like the last time, he had a cup of ramen in his hand as well as a pair of chopsticks.


"Eh...are you guys going to leave me alone anytime soon?"

Id shrugged. "Hey, things could be worse. You could be alone with Conscience."

"How bad would that be?"

"Well, technically, she's supposed to be your reason, but all of it ends up going to insanity."

"Oh. I see."

"Yeah. So, her job kinda got put off on me."

"Doesn't this defy the actual purpose of the Freudian Trio, though?"

"Meh, no one cares. Surely you don't, tea boy."

"Ah, touche."


"No, Spark, I'm not ok."

"Pi-pi, Pichu?"

Roy thought for a moment before nodding, "Go ahead."

Spark immediately let out several small jolts of electricity, which caused Roy to yelp slightly in pain. The Pichu seemed quite content with his actions as the trainer shook his head several times in an attempt to regain his composure.

"Thanks. I needed that."

"You're an idiot, you know?"

"Shut up."

The End

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