Birds: Map Tracking on the P*DA


From April 14th, 2009


Daemon pulls out the High Vacuum Daemon Ball, yelling, "Daemon Ball, GO!" and throws it the Magnezone, all in one motion. The Daemon Ball sails through the air before bopping the Magnezone in the "head", if it it can be called a head. It then flies back, opens up, then starts to make some very violent motions.

Roy, knowing fully well this prolly meant trouble ducks over to the side. Roy's Ego, still standing criticizes Roy with a "Wuss, stand up in the face of explosive doom! Hehe"

Then breaking seven laws of physics and a misdemeanor in good sense, the Daemon Ball starts to produce a rather strong gust, and whirlwinds the Magnezone away. Sparks, now somewhat sobre from the experience pokes Roy. Roy swats at Sparks saying, "I remember these things, they explode."

Daemon snaps her fingers in the, "oh shoot" manner, and says "drat, now I'll have to chase that Magnezone all over the overworld, wearing down damage, trying to capture it each time."

Fujitsu, keeping pace says, "you could do Mean Look on it to keep it from running away?"

Daemon, "yes, but it might know Roar, and then I'll never see it again."

Fujitsu crosses his arms, "You just do ingrain or something similar."

Daemon picks up the pokeball with Kane in it, "Kane, time to figure out how to teach you mean look"

Fujitsu looks at Daemon's beat up Lumpy, and rushes over and starts hugging it. Gives a mean look to Daemon, "this poor guy needs to see a pokecentre"

Lumpy simple groans out, "<Get off of me... I was happy being miserable.>"

Daemon looks over, "okay... will you accompany us to the pokecentre? I'm Daemon, and this is Roy"

Fujitsu perks up, "Krystal Spectrum?"

"Please, Daemon"

"You were on all the news feeds in the pokecentres in Sinnoh! After your lab went Pchooooeeee, Boom, cccccrsssh... is that Ghastly okay?"

"You just hugged her. Anyways, they need attention, lets head to the pokecentre."

Fujitsu, seeing a celebrity Ghastly carries Lumpy, much to Lumpy's complaining.

The End

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