Birds: Dirty Pichu Magnemite Phrasebook

RockXIII on April 13th, 2009


Flailing his arms in just about every direction you can think of, Fujitsu skidded to a stop right beside Duke, who took a couple of steps back to avoid being hit with his arms. He stood there doing that until everything had its attention, including all of the Magnemite and the Magnezone, on him. When they did, he stopped and just stood there, counting all of the Magnemite, determining the condition of them and the other pokemon, and quickly thinking of a strategy.

It was not until his Pichu and Tyrogue caught up to him when he started yelling, "Magni-mag! Magnemite mag-magnemi-mag! Mag-mag-magne, magne-magnemite!!!" in an almost perfect imitation of them and throwing his arms up. They all stared at him for a second, then started questioning each other as to what he just said.

Just then he knelt down by Pichu and whispered, "Alright, jump on my shoulder and hop off using Quick Attack. Then use the Magnemites as stepping stones and hop onto the Magnezone, 'Kai?"

Pichu nodded, dropping the Pixie Sticks and jumped onto his shoulder as instructed. Fujitsu broke off into a breakneck dash towards the Magnemites, then jumped to the nearest one. Pichu used the power from the Quick Attack and leaped high in the air, and landing solidly on the lowest Magnemite. By then they had become quite aware of his presence and had started using Thunderbolt at him, but he was a bit too fast for them, and with each hop, the Magnemite he was previously on got zapped with about four or five Thunderbolts.

It was about two minutes of out maneuvering the Magnemites until he jumped onto the Magnezone. Pichu looked a bit proud of his speed but was no later confused about what it was supposed to do next and looked at Fujitsu for more instructions.

He caught the look on Pichu's face and yelled, "Provoke them the best you can then hop off! By the way, you get lolwut out of ten for evading those bolts of DOOM!!"

Pichu nodded, then gave a devilish grin at the Magnemites, who were just floating there, not daring to risk attacking the Magnezone. First, he blew raspberries at them, pulling down his lower left eyelid with his paw. The Magnemites remained stationary. Next, he gave them a mocking laugh and said "Pi-Pi-Pichuuuuuuu!!!", which they reacted to, so that probably he called them sissies or wimps or something, but they still remained there, careful not to attack the Magnezone. Then, he said, "Pichu pi-pi pichu-chu! Pi Pi-pi, pichu-piiiii~!!" That must have meant something really bad, because, without hesitation, all of the Magnemites used Thunderbolt at the same time, forming a huge cloud of electricity.

This caught Pichu by surprise, and he stumbled back and slipped off of the Magnezone, moments before it got hit, and plunged towards the ground. Fujitsu, at the same time, sprinted under him, and caught him. He smiled at Pichu and then asked, "Just how many curse words did you say to them?"

Pichu tried his best to look innocent again, but there was no hiding the truth on his face.

"I take back the lolwut out of ten and give you negative one-hundred points," he said. "But the battle has been won! And we can all go back and... .... Oh dear God that Magnezone does NOT look happy," he finished staring up in surprise at the Magnezone, who was glaring very furiously at them through the dense cloud of smoke surrounding it.

Tyrogue reached them seconds later, preparing for a Karate Chop when Fujitsu stopped him. "I have a slight hunch on my back that's telling me a Karate Chop isn't going to do any good right now, he laughed, slightly exasperated.

The End

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