Birds: Pixiesticks, Puuk and the end of Awesomeland Gym Battle


April 13th, 2009


Daemon got an idea from the rolling pokemon. They all fell down in a heap. Daemon called out, "Mr. Stringyshirt! Do you call the battle?"

The piece of string just sat there--doing what all inanimate objects do. Daemon looks over at Roy, "its still a go.. they aren't out of energy!"

Roy's Ego looks at Daemon and then a Roy, somewhat in shock, "Did she just get a referee movement from a piece of string? I mean it is insane and somewhat cruel... I love her!"

Roy mumbles out, "we aren't a couple"

Roy's Ego tells him, "thats what you said to your last hallucination."

Roy looks somewhat confused, "I thought this was real?"

"Reality is entirely subjective.. look at her, glorious her. She has a dead Pachirisu for a cell phone. She can float due to pure will. And she believes that her species is Diagla. She is clearly a girl after my own kidney (I had the heart removed... I clearly don't have any use for it). Don't you think she makes her own reality?"

Roy turns back to the battle, "Okay, Duke, attack Kane! Pichu, wake up and attack Lumpy"

Daemon having seen the rolling orders, "Kane, do defense curl followed by Rollout"

Budew simply looks up at Daemon.. tries to fire an energy ball at Daemon, but misses and hits Lumpy. Daemon cries out, "no! Follow orders!"

The problem with the orders were the rolling mess had confused them... so it was like they were all hit with Dizzy Punch. So instead they start flailing onto Lumpy, doing nothing that makes any sort of damage.

Daemon hinted on whats going on. Daemon yells "come back Kane! Go Kane!"

Roys Ego again was impressed, "How did she do that? Clearly I am being out crazied... Defend my honour and reputation Roy! I will not be out crazied... when there is anybody watching...."

Roy asks Daemon, "is that even a valid move?"

Daemon yells at Mr. Stringyshirt, "was I did okay? oh? okay... just off with a warning this time?"

Roy looks, "I didn't even think what you did was possible."

Daemon prepares for attack, "okay Duke is the strongest one. Lumpy. Night shade Duke. And not those pansy arse Night Shades you did on that ugly Rattata... those didn't even touch him! Clearly you are not applying STAB to Night Shade! I demand you try harder! Budew... since you won't do rollout (I just ask for one thing, thats all) fire Engery Ball at Duke... atleast you STAB for me."

Roys Ego announces, "for those of you who don't know, STAB means Same Type Attack Bonus. And it has nothing to do with my hilarious past-time."

Roy looks confused, "won't the fight take longer if you concentrate one Pokemon"

Roy's Ego, as a Mr. Joker It All answered, "yes, but if concentrated on the most powerful pokemon, they can take a threat out quicker. I don't approve, slow moving easily escapable death traps are just more fun hehehehe"

Roy mumbles, "I swear they have subliminal messages on those League approved messages.. no way I knew that."

Roy answers Daemon attack with, "well, Kane appears to be better set up, Duke and Spark concentrate your attacks on her."

Duke lunges at Kane getting the first attack in.. it was a quick attack, which ensured damage but not much. Spark flings mostly thunderbolts, but still being slightly confused, hits Duke just as many times. The ghastly slowely moved and got a few night shades but not many. However what really killed Duke was the leech seed. Roy's Ego calls out, "Mr. Stringyshirt, sir, I think Duke is done."

Daemon coincidently announced the reply from Mr. Stringyshirt, "Referee calls Kane unable to battle.", Daemon looks surprised and calls out again, "oh and referee calls that Duke unable to battle."

Not two seconds after Daemon announced the "referees" opinions, had Styx started to glow the pokeball it was in. Daemon knowing trouble was coming pulled out a roadkill Sentrant. "Oh shoot, we are surrounded... trying to get a reading."

Roy looks out, "oh no! Magnemites! And some weird UFO pokemon."

Daemon, not looking up from her dead Sentrantdar, "it might be... still trying to get a reading from something that I obviously am not getting a clear one on."

"No, I can see them!"

Daemon looks up, "oh that is just a mob of Magnemite that want to sacrifice a Virgin Magnezone for me."

Magnezone not taking kindly to what appeared to be mocking struck Daemon. Daemon got back up, "fiesty little bugger.. but my Daemon ball will hold it this time. I upgraded the vacuum pull. And I know of course a goddess like myself wouldn't screw up and reverse the polarity to make it gusty instead of a vacuum."


Fujitsu saw the battle take a turn for the worse. Fujitsu saw only two pokemon on the field, one was confused, and the other appeared to have issues. Fujitsu didn't know about Styx, the Newfie/Welsh/Cockney bringer of insanity was still quite healed up.

Tyrogue and Pichu had wandered back to Fujitsu in the mean time. Tyrogue had a package of Potato Crisps, and Pichu had about as many pixie sticks as he could carry.

Fujistu looks over at Tyrogue and Pichu, somewhat displeased that they bought junk food, but hoped they'd share. Fujitsu looks at them, "that girl hovering, that guy in the hoody need our help. Are you two ready to help them?"

Pichu nods his head, drops a pixie stick, tries to pick it up, and ends up dropping them all. Goes hyperfast while picking them up quickly. Fujitsu looks at Pichu, "you've had some already, didn't you."

This was answered with Pichu trying his hardest to look innocent.

Fujitsu, "Off! For the glory of the Pickle King!"

Fujitsu runs off, with Pichu and Tyrogue trying to keep up.

The End

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