Birds: Puuk, he comes from Crazyville!

Posted by RockXIII on April 13th, 2009


Getting up, Fujitsu slid the trunk off of his back and reached inside of it to check if he'd forgotten anything when he was in town, and ignoring the pain in his lower left ribs. His sleeping bag was still there, as he had fallen asleep standing up while having a flashback, his berry bag was in it's protective box, and was so filled that some of the juices from the berries were leaking out. He took those out and saw two Game and Watch games on top of a small, brown radio, which had no batteries and was somewhat blacked because during his time on the boat, he asked his Pichu to give it an electric charge to make it work. To the right of them were three Dragon Ball mangas, numbers 03, 17, and 30 and an atlas of the Cyren region. Then he saw under it something that made him twitch.

He quickly pulled out a black journal that was unlabeled, but he knew perfectly well what it was. One time when he was ten, he was at his local Pokemon Center when he saw a bloody trainer running in with a very bloody and broken-up pokemon. Needless to say that it had done a great deal to him mentally and he went crazy for two months, as he was very weak with those visuals back then. Luckily, it was summer and he had no school to miss.

During that time, he was visited by "spirits" that tried to help him cope with his legal insanity, and told him to keep a journal of tips, though not the one he is staring at at the moment. He told his family about these spirits and they thought that he had gone even further down the lane to Crazyville, and hired a psychiatrist to help him. He gave him a black notebook that held tips to "gain control over his mind" and to convince him that he was trying to solve his problems himself, and not the "spirits", though he still believed in them, even now.

He blinked himself back into reality and put everything back into his trunk. When he finished, he pulled the trunk onto his back, but found that he could not release his grasp on it. he tried and tried again to toss it into the nearest garbage can, but he could not let go. He finally gave up and thought to himself, Meh. Who knows? Maybe there's somebody else that could use this... It did not loosen his grip on the journal, though.

"Piiiichuuuuu!! Tyyyyyrroooogguuueee!" Wanna get something to eat!?" he called at them, who were playing a game of tag by the Pokemart. They came running over to him and pulled him towards the Pokemon Center. He hesitated for a second, but he didn't want to upset them, so he allowed himself to be dragged to there. Though when they reached the doors, he realized something.

"Hey. I'm not hungry," he said. He looked at his pokemons' disappointed faces and felt guilty for saying it, and pulled out his wallet from his right back pocket, taking out some money. "Here. If you want something, and it costs money, use this. I'm so sorry, but I'll make it up for you later. I'll.... I'll try and see if I can learn a thing or two from that pokemon battle over there," he stammered, pointing in the direction of some sort of a rolling pokemon ball. He then walked over there, feeling guilty and and some other emotion which made him feel weird.

The End

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