Birds: Joker is a Poke Master. Usually Poke with a STAB


Posted by Longsword on April 12th, 2009


"Alright, here goes," Roy blinked trying to focus on a strategy.

In all honesty, Roy was not the best trainer in the world. Duke and Spark were usually better off taking on the opponents independently, and he knew it. But, he knew he at least had the synergy with them to trust their judgment.

"Pi-pi!" Spark piped up.

"Right. You're fighting a Gastly, so you can't use physical attacks. Use electricity, alright?"


Roy looked to Duke, "I know you got your opponent down, right?"

Duke gave a low bark in the affirmative.

"That's my boy. Now go get them."

Everything seemed to freeze for a moment as Conscience appeared in front of Roy.

"What are you doing here?"

"I needed to ask you something."

"Oh, by the way...I was thinking...aren't you supposed to be Superego?"

Conscience furrowed her eyebrows, crossing her arms. "How does that make any sense? Think of it this way: it sounds like 'Constance'."

"Eh...I can go with that."

"Anyway, how comfortable are you as a trainer?"

"Not very comfortable at all."

"Thought as much. I'll have Ego come and observe you, then."

"Wait, why don't you do it?"

"Because apparently Ego's your inner Pokemon Trainer...who happens to resemble the Joker. I don't quite get it, myself."

Roy scratched his head. "Um...alright."

"I'll be on my way, then," Conscience sighed, disappearing only to be replaced with Ego.

"This is going to be awesome, huh?"

"Can everyone see you?"

"Nope, just you."

Time began to resume with Duke trying to cast Ember on Kane, missing and being hit by a Leech Seed in the process.

"Ooh, I can take this time to practice my announcer-shtick," Ego thought out loud.

"How about not?" Roy mumbled as to not be noticed by Daemon.

"Bah. You're not any fun. Magic trick?"

Roy took a deep breath, searching for his tea. "No amount of therapy will ever make this moment ok."

Spark had managed to hit Lumpy once with Thundershock, only to be countered with Confuse Ray. He was now scampering about in a dazed manner unable to discern his ally from his opponent, or even himself. He barreled into duke, resulting in a tumbling Growlithe-Pichu ball which then proceeded to collide with Kane, becoming a Growlithe-Budew-Pichu ball.

"<And they say I'm pathetic...>" Lumpy sighed.

The End

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