Birds: Fast Forward to Garn

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"G'night, Tyogue. 'Night Pichu," yawned Fujitsu, as he returned the both of them to their respective pokeballs. He limped towards a smoldering fire, grimacing, as he placed the two containment units in his belt straps and stared into it with tired eyes. The last three days had been eventful, even for himself, because of that one decision that he made at the Garn Town Pokemon Gym. He played those days in his head again.

After he returned to the docks after he had bought his potions and the revive at the Pokemart, he said his goodbye to the old captain and he set off on his journey through the Cyen region, not just to explore, but to compete in the Pokemon League, as well. It was an unexpected turn of events for him, but, yet again, this IS the guy who had earned the title of Mr. Insanity in Celestic Town.

He had ran all though the forest with his Pichu and Tyrogue at his side to try to build up their stamina and leg strength. He also did it to attempt to get rid of as much extra energy as he possibly could. He was half successful. He still wanted to run around when they reached Terrut City. It was still day-time when they dropped by a diner to to grab a bite to eat. As Fujitsu looked around the city, he noticed a gym and decided to go in and see what type it was. When he exited, the sky was a blazing orange and he held the Basic Badge proudly in his hand. His Tyrogue was completely exhausted after that battle, but he was the only one that had fought all of leader's pokemon.

While Fujitsu felt guilty about pushing him so hard, he was really proud of him for fighting so hard and not giving up, so they rested in a guest room in the Pokemon Center for the night, and he cooked breakfast for Pichu and Tryogue at the diner in the morning (with great difficulty, mind you. The chef wouldn't allow it at first, but then Fujitsu got into one of his fast paced rants about random and confusing things that could change the world or replace him or something... I dunno, not even I can make up something like he can...).

They spent the next day training. They had a karate class of sorts, except it was more like kickboxing and a race for their lives from an angry swarm of Beedrills. Tyrogue accidentally sent Pichu flying into a tree, and the vibrations from the contact made them angry, and so the high-speed chase began. It was difficult trying to out run them for Fujitsu, because he got a lot of bruises from Tryogue during the training. They barely made it into the city before Pichu almost got hit with a Poison Sting attack, but Fujitsu reacted quickly enough and returned the two of them to their pokeballs. The next events of the day were normal, and now here we are, at the campfire.

The end of the flashbacks brought Fujitsu back into reality, and into realization that it was morning and that he was laying right next to the ashes of the previous night's fire. Panicking, he stumbled to his trunk, barely able to see where he was going because of the sudden brightness of the morning sun, and tripping on a stone the size of an eggplant.

"Damn you, Rocky!" he grunted to the rock, picking himself up from the ground. He turned picked up the rock, and flung it across the clearing that he was at, and it fell with a thud. He turned back to his trunk, now seeing clearly, put in on his back, and then walked into town to the diner for some breakfast.

"... They even have... oh, it's just a nice place for your pokemon. You should go there," Fujitsu heard as he hopped inside the diner. Very few people were in there, so he guessed that it had to be around six o' clock. His ears forced his head to the direction of the conversation. A woman in a fancy green dress and hat was talking to a mountain hiker that had been staying in this town for a week.

"Excuse me, but what are you talking about?" Fujitsu butted in, walking to the two of them.

The hiker took a lengthy sip of coffee and the said, "This young lass was just telling me about a Pokemon Resort on the other side of the river to the north of..."

Fujitsu broke off into a blurred sprint across town. He finally knew what he had to do to repay his pokemon for all of the work and effort they had put into in the last three days on this journey. He hoped that it would serve as a well enough apology so that they would stop crying and... wait, crying...? It must be too early in the morning for him to be thinking straight, because now he's thinking of how he had pushed them bloody. Luckily he tripped and hit his head as he stepped onto the bridge, his making a loud clunk.

By the time he reached the resort's entrance, he just walked up to a building, and dropped to the ground, breathing heavily from exhaustion. He released Pichu and Tyrogue (who were very surprised to see him like this) from their pokeballs, and he told them to go have fun while he lay there aching with his bruises.

The End

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