Birds: Prelude to "Awesomeland"

Posted by me on April 10th, 2009


Roy and Daemon walked over to an open field. Daemon stands triumpant, "Prof Willow said I should make something of my life.. so I am going to make a gym... right here... right now."

Daemon goes over to start building a fort with some sticks. Roy grabs Daemon shoulder, "I don't think that is structural sound enough for pokemon battles."

Daemon shushes him, "it is better than any of the gyms in Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, Orre, Fiorre, Almia and Awesomeland!"

"One, Orre doesn't even have any gyms, Pokemon there are too rare. Neither do Fiorre or Almia, they are currently testing using Rangers instead of Poke League, so no gym there. And I am pretty sure you made up Awesomeland."

Daemon holds out what appeared to be an ordinary leaf, "but it needs to be awesome enough for my Root Badge."

Roy looks at it, "Is that one of the leaves from the trail we walked in on?"

"I will neither confirm or deny that."

"Daemon, you also need a theme for a gym... your pokemon only really have psychosis down"

Kane who had been out of her ball since they game into the Resort growled, "<I take offense to that>"

Roy looks over to Kane, "sorry girl, I didn't mean to include you."

Daemon pulls out the pokeball named Styx and calls it out, "would you like to be the first winner of a badge."

"Sure... but don't you need clearance?"

Daemon pulls out what appears to be a dead Pachirisu, it had gone quite far into rigor mortis, so it was obvious Daemon found it. It was prolly killed in a malfunction pokeball incident. "I'll just call Sammual Oak, and get it okay." Daemon starts punch her fingers like made at what appeared to be numbers written onto the fur with a Sharpie.

"Wasn't this Oak guy one of the people trying to kill us?"

"Sshh! I am talking on the phone (rude). Uh hi? Put me through to the poke league. I wish to speak to somebody about setting me up the gym". Daemon puts her hand over the dead Pachirisu's feet, and looks over at Roy, "I'm on hold."

Roy pulls out an Iced Tea from his backpack and sighs, "I almost wish this was a hallucination.. made more sense that way. Oh yeah, wait, Duke, Spark, you can come out again" Roy pulls two pokeballs out and calls out his two pokemon.

"Uh hi, Mr. Paki guy? I'd like to start a gym. Hey! Quite screaming at me! No, I did not try rebooting! Why would the gym be plugged in? Are you reading this stuff out of a manual? I just want to start a gym! Oh well, now I'd like to talk to your manager! You ARE the manager? Well see if I ever buy from your brand of gyms again!" Daemon folds the dead Pachirisu in a rather angry hanging up manner.

Duke starts barking at Roy, Daemon looks over and says, "oh no, tell Duke we've outsourced saving Timmies from wells to India."

Roy looks over, "No, I think he is suggesting we battle. We got so horribly beat at the Professor's lab, we could use the experience."

Daemon looks over a Duke, who seemed to nod in agreement. Roy adds in, "just please don't use that Staryu... it gives me the ebbe jebbes."

Daemon thinks about it for a moment with her finger on her chin, "hmm.. yes, that would be good..." she turns and looks at Roy, "alright, two on two, Lumpy and Kane vs. Duke and Spark."

Roy said, "alright", he knew well what the Staryu could do, but he really had no idea what the Ghastly or Budew could do.

Daemon calls back Styx and sends out Lumpy.

The End

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