Birds: Myself Dammit!


I wrote this on April 9th, 2009


Daemon was still spinning and twirling like a gyroscope once she got to the bottom, "Myself... damn.. wind.. currents."

Kane and Styx try to grab onto her flopping Lupunny ears, and stabilise her, but have minimal effort. Max graps her, and manages to get her to stop moving. Daemon kneels and crouches over, and starts kissing the air beneath her feet as though somebody would kiss the ground after a flying incident, "oh sweet air, lovely air.."

She then stands up and yells, shaking her fist, "just be glad I didn't do Roar of Time!"

Vermil gets up, "did we win, am I the champ?" Shakes his head for a moment, "Oh wait! The Amulet!"

Daemon rushes over to beside Vermil, and points to the sky, and says, "clearly we must go to Candy Mountain. Where there is fun and joy and joy and joyness! For the purpose of retrieving it."

The End

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