Birds: Roar of the Minidragon

Ysavvryl on April 9th, 2009


Professor Willow came out from the back room as Roy came out of the closet. “She needs to rest for a while, but we can’t waste time. They’ll likely take the Amulet away from this town as soon as they can.”

“But we can’t just charge in the front door, like Max said,” Vermil stated. “So now what?”

Daemon pulled one of her Lopunny ears forward. “Do you think I can pull off Charm or Attract?”

Willow gaped for a moment at seeing her outfit, then scratched her head. “I think we should figure out some other method before trying that one out.”

Roy had a Stantler-caught-in-headlights look to his eyes. “So, um, this all really happened, right? I’ve not stumbled into some strange LSD world, but then those guys...” he trailed off, looking back towards the closet. “If it’s all real, then why did those guys even show?”

Seeing this new state as a potential liability, Max put his hand on Roy’s shoulder. “Why don’t you stay behind and guard Saffy?”

“Ye-yeah, I can do that. Oh, I hope I don’t run into Articuno or the dark shadowy representation of my repressed memories or something.” He wandered into the back room where she was resting.

“There was that prison hall down by the graveyard,” Polaris said, nervous about suggesting a trip into that place. “It might be connected to the main building. I mean, they certainly weren’t fixing the food anywhere near the place I was being held.”

“That could work,” Willow said. She crossed her arms over her chest. “On second thought, I should probably check in with the police about my lab getting destroyed. I don’t know how many of them we can trust now, but any heat I can deflect, I should try.”

“What if they have one of those legendary Pokemon again?” Vermil asked.

“Th-they will,” Hari mumbled.

Willow called out her Kingdra again. “I’m letting them borrow you for a while, okay? Obey them and help get the Amulet back.”

The Kingdra nodded as Willow handed the ball over to Vermil.

“And don’t freak out this time,” she added as she started out the door.

Before they left, Nurse Joy stepped in. She shook her pink umbrella and made sure her green dress wasn’t wet. Then she looked at them curiously. “Oh, Professor Willow, sorry about missing you. I didn’t mean to be gone for that long.”

She gave the pink-haired nurse a look. “It’s fine. Joey?”

“Wha-what? You weren’t supposed to...”

“My sister is in the back room resting, with a friend who’s a bit... distracted. We’ve got business to take care of, but they had better be safe when we return to get them. If they get in trouble, I might be inclined to tell the guys at the pub who the flirty Nurse really is.”

She (if she was a she) paled. “Oh... it’s fine, no need to worry. I wouldn’t let anything happen to little Saffy or one of her friends. Honest.”

“And don’t tell anyone who’s back there, no matter who may come in. Good day.” Willow went out to deal with the police about her lab.

Nurse ‘Joey’ smiled weakly at the others. “Well, good luck.”


It took a few minutes of searching, but they found the hidden cave entrance in a false boulder. “Why would somebody try to kidnap you?” Vermil asked Polaris as they walked along the group of barred cells. They were all empty for the time being.

“They wanted Picasso, and to know where Smeargles hide out. I’m glad they never got around to interrogating me.”

“Shh,” Daemon hissed. “I want this revenge to be a surprise.”

“I’m trying to take you seriously, and yet,” Vermil started.

She shook her head, making the long ears flop around. “I command silence.”

Whatever she said, they went along the halls quietly. At the end of the dark hallway, they found bright lights illuminating a flight of stairs. Max went in first; once he made sure the coast was clear, the rest followed. Then he turned to Hari. “Can you figure out where Samuel is?”

“M-maybe.” He shifted through some cards, then shook his head. “Not this floor.”

Vermil looked up the stairs; there were at least seven flights above them. “This place is pretty big.”

“We can do it, don’t worry,” Daemon said, floating up the stairs at an angle to follow them, as opposed to trying to go up the center. “Doesn’t matter which one of my rivals is around.”

They went up five more flights of stairs before Hari stopped them. He seemed puzzled. “A great number... maybe here? I can’t quite read it clearly.”

Max looked through the glass in the window. “A large break room. There’s a lot of Rocket workers and Pokemon in there. If he’s in there, we’re gong to have a tough time getting to him.”

Thinking of something, Polaris called Picasso out. He knelt down and whispered something to him. “I don’t think it’ll work on Samuel’s Pokemon, but it might clear out everyone else,” he finished.

The Smeargle grabbed his tail and saluted. “<Roger Dodger.>”

“What would?” Vermil asked. Eager to prove himself useful, he added, “Need help?”

“No, just let him in quietly.”


Manny pulled the soda can from the vending machine. “So, what next?”

“How should I know?” Bernard countered. “We just do as we’re told, yeah?”

“Stinks, but what’re you gonna do? It’s good money and... huh?” he turned.


“I think the door just...”

A flicker of green oil appeared and, oddly enough, held in the air. The figure... well, the small figure of a dwarf Tyranitaur appeared in the doorway to the eastern stairs. It appeared to take a mighty breath, then screamed out, “RRAAAAAWWWRRRR!”

In half a second, the Rocket break room was total bedlam. All of the Pokemon that had been out relaxing were now screaming and trying to get away from the mirage that had used Roar on them. Their Trainers were either just as terrified or scrambling to retrieve their Pokemon. A couple of tables got overturned and at least one person tripped over a falling chair and broke his nose.

However, Manny and Bernard had seen the whole bit, so they scrambled over to see who was the villainous prankster. Instead of the expected newbie Rocket, they found the group that had been at Willow’s Lab. “Hey, what are you punks doing here?” Manny yelled.

“Go up!” someone called, and the group decided to follow the advice. The two Rocket grunts chased after them.


The very last door of the stairwell let them out onto the rooftop. There, they immediately spotted Samuel. Despite the continuing rain, he was out speaking with a woman wearing a sleek black uniform. It was much like the other Rocket apparel, only... designed by a guy for a woman. The woman with deep green hair didn’t seem to mind.

“That’s it! You’re toast!” Manny called as he and Bernard came out onto the roof as well.

Samuel and the woman turned to them. “It seems like we can’t get decent privacy even up here, Ivy,” the Elite said.

“No kidding,” she replied. She glared at the two grunts. “Can’t you two follow orders? You were supposed to stay in the break room!”

“Miss, I mean, Commander Ivy Miss, we, uh...” Manny fumbled.

“B-but these people...” Bernard started to say.

“Right, the friends of that girl Saffron,” Samuel said. “After the Amulet of Agrython?”

“NO!” Daemon shouted, her Lopunny ears and tail trembling under her anger. “I’m here to punish you for disrespecting my dignity.”

“Oh dear,” Ivy said, half-smiling in amusement.

“Well I’m here for what you stole,” Vermil said, almost sounding brave.

“Hmph.” Samuel brushed his hair back, flicking rainwater away.. “Do you even know what the Amulet is for?” After a moment of rain patter, he added, “Why bother going after something you know nothing ab...?”

“Hey!” Ivy screamed, spinning around furiously. Behind her, Eevee landed with a graceful turn. He had snatched her belt attachment for storing Pokeballs; she only had the one in her hand left, now that the other five were with the small fox. “You crude beast!”

Samuel glared at Max. “How did you know she had it?”

“You have the same number as before,” Max said, calling out his Aron as well.

“Grr... Blastoise, Hydro Pump!” He released his Pokemon, which instantly went into battle.

By the time the group dove out of the blast of water, Kane, Styx, Magby, Kingdra, and Carmen were all out as well. Ivy took the one Pokeball she had left and called out, “Zapdos, ruin them!”

A crackling call filled the air as a bright yellow and black bird appeared in the air. He clapped his wings together, sending lightning bolts out to hit the rooftop at random. He hissed.

“Can’t you at least control his attacks?” Samuel called out after one of the bolts nearly struck him.

Ivy didn’t get a chance to answer as she was busy getting out of the way of an Ember (from Magby) and a psychedelic Water Pulse (from Styx).

In the meantime, Eevee started to rush back to his master’s side. Gripping the attachment tightly as to not lose it, he wove between attacks and opponents. Manny, seeing a chance to make up for disrupting Ivy and Samuel, dove down and grabbed at the small Pokemon. He managed to snatch an orange Pokeball. “Hah, now let’s see...”

The Rocket Commander paled. “Wait, don’t push that button!”

Manny pressed the release button of the orange Pokeball.

A brilliant bird that was far larger than Zapdos appeared. Bearing every color of the rainbow, Ho-oh called out a distaste for all the rain going on. It spread out its wings fully, releasing a pillar of fire into the sky. The clouds were gone in an instant to be replaced by blisteringly hot and bright sunshine. The rain that was still falling abruptly evaporated, creating a shimmering mist all over Garre Town.

“Oh ****,” Ivy mumbled.

“What?” Samuel asked, bewildered.

“I found out the other day that... they don’t get along that well.”

Ho-oh turned its attention to the rooftop and spotted Zapdos. Its eyes went wide, then narrowed as it made an impatient clicking sound. In response, the electric bird sneered and hissed something back.

Picasso darted over and put his hands over Magby’s ears. The other Pokemon stared.

“<Ouch,>” Kane said.

Furious, the rainbow bird began beating its wings, whipping up a strong heated wind. Zapdos started up the exact same attack, blowing the whirlwind into a dangerous twister. Before anyone could find something to grab hold of, every person and Pokemon on the Rocket building rooftop was blasted away and off the roof.

Thankfully, the wind battle also lessened the fall so that no one got killed or badly injured being thrown off the seven-story building.


“What in the world are you saying?!” Vermil called out to the narrator. “I’ve got these nasty bloody scraps down to my elbows!

Shush. It’s only a flesh wound.

The End

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