Birds: Daemon Gamete Doll! With Realistic Battle Damage Action

Ysavvryl on April 7th, 2009


The Pokecenter was dark. The rain Lugia had called apparently decided to stick around. Max was carrying Saffy. Hari, the least injured at the moment, went up to the desk. “Joy? Anyone? Hello?” He looked down to his cards for an answer.

“This might be a lucky break,” Willow said. “So long as your Pokemon don’t have broken bones or the like, you can place them in that machine to heal them back to full. It’s pretty simple to figure out. But could you bring her into the back area?”

Max nodded and followed her there. Daemon went over to the healing machine. “Yes, these things take no more training than the average fast-food job to use. Miracles of technology... but someday soon, I will surpass you!” She placed her Pokeballs in the bin on top, then pressed the ‘start’ button.

The large man came back into the lobby before long. “Is she going to be all right?” Vermil asked.

He shrugged.

The healing machine chimed. Daemon checked them and approved. “Well that amulet has nothing to do with me, but for them to treat a goddess in such a way is utterly despicable. We should storm right into their headquarters and make them pay.”

“That’s not the wisest course,” Max spoke up. “Then we’d have to fight through all of their guards. They would be alerted and leave before we could reach them.”

“And, uh...” Roy stumbled on his tongue.

“Daemon?” Polaris added, blushing a bit. Hari was trying to distract himself with a poster on the wall.

“You’re, um,” Vermil said.

Daemon glared at the guys. “What? Is there a reason you all suddenly turn bashful? I know I’m an awe-inspiring sight...”

“Yeah,” Roy said, getting a muffled laugh from Vermil.

“But what’s gotten into you?”

“Um, why is she wearing a dress made of flowers anyhow?” Hari asked, still not looking at her.

“It was for the parade, before we actually knew what it was about,” Roy said. “I, um, I did my best, but you know, it ain’t easy making that kind of thing. And, um, that was a bit more than it was, uh, made to handle?”

“What are you talking about?” Daemon asked, then looked down at the dress.

It had not fared the afternoon well. The top was holding together bravely, although one shoulder had come undone. Much of the skirt had fallen off. It still covered her modestly, but not by much. The flowers that remained were soggy and frail-looking.

Daemon shrieked. “You perverts!” She floated into the Center’s storage closet, hoping to find some clothes to borrow.

Once the door slammed shut, Roy said, “Whoa, now my hallucinations include half-naked chicks.”

“Eh, I’ve seen more skin at the beach,” Polaris commented.

“What, from sketching nudes?”

He turned bright red. “That’s art! It’s nothing more!”

“No really, that was completely G rated,” Max said.

“Still, how can you be that calm when talking to her?” Vermil asked.

“I never predicted seeing anything like that any time soon,” Hari added quietly.

The End

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