Birds: Amulet

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They ran through the forest to Terrut Town--knowing that the crazed currator could still very well be after them. Max was taking point, checking for traps, and watching for the rest of the group... armed with several Daemon Balls. Roy was in the middle of the group convinced he was going through another bad trip. Vermil and Saffy were right next to Roy, trying to comfort him as best they could. Polaris was in the back with Daemon watching for anybody following them. Hari was checking his cards time and time again... trying to figure out the best path to take for future events. They all were a little shaken up that a Legendary Pokemon just about had them for breakfast.

Daemon tilts her head and asks, "I wonder who the queen of the parade was?"

Polaris looks at Daemon somewhat puzzled. Daemon continues, "Well, every parade needs a queen, doesn't it?"

Polaris, who was still trying to get use to Daemon's oddness, replies, "I am guessing it was Saffy."

Daemon pouts, and folds her arms, "That Saffy! One day! One day, I'll be more important than her!"

Two of the thugs than catch up to Polaris and Daemon. Polaris yells for the others to run... and as he does so, Daemon pulls out Styx, and tells Styx (translated from the Newfie/Welsh/Cockney speak required to comand Styx), "<Styx, use Psychic!>"

Polaris watched as Styx started to destroy the very minds of the thugs. Polaris,yells back, "nevermind, false alarm."

The events going through the woods to Terrut was much like this.


Prof Willow was astounded that Sammuel had the bad manners to storm into her Lab like this! Sammuel was confronting her that the amulet was a fake. The nerve! Sammuel was getting very confrontational with her--in her face, and raising his hand to her.

Eventually the argument gets extremely heated, and Sammuel slaps Prof Willow.

Blood rushes to Prof. Willow's face as she yells, "GET OUT! NOW!"

Sammuel then huffs, "Who are you to tell an elite four member what to do?"

Prof Willow yells even louder, "I am somebody who has decide that this elite four member is no longer welcome in my residence!"

Sammuel pulls a pokeball off of his belt, "Charizard, show her what we are made of!"

Prof Willow picks up a pokeball out of the computer storage system. "Predictable as always Sam. Inker, go!"

From Prof Willow's pokeball comes out a Kingdra. Inker, the Kingdra and Sammuel's Charizard start to battle, with Sammuel's Charizard trying to throw in attacks against Prof Willow's machinery and person.

Max enters the room and finds the fight going on, and as the rest of the group try to enter the room, he tells them to stay back. He does no have much luck with Saffy though--She runs in to help Prof Willow--who was having difficulty due to the Charizard attacking her as often as it was attacking the Kingdra. She runs over to Prof Willow, and askes if she is okay. Sammuel then orders his charizard to start attacking anybody who comes in its way with dealing with Prof Willow.

Charizard then strikes Saffy with a mixture of Steel Wing and Iron Tail... sending her flying back.

Prof Willow runs over to the quite injured Saffy. Max then throws a Daemon Ball at the Charizard. This one however is a confetti one rather than one with a higher explosive charge. The Charizard looks over to see Daemon with her Styx out and Max holding a Daemon Ball primed, and a few others in its other hand. Sammuel yells, "enough!"

Sammuel pulls out a two way radio and calmly says into it, "Rocket Logistics... I have an issue on the amulet recall... you may be required."

The two rockets from before Bernard and Manny squeeze past Vermil, Hari, Polaris and Roy. Vermil was looking intently at the injured Saffy. Hari was distracted by his cards. Polaris was surprised as to all that was happening. Roy was just watching everything, taking a few sips of his Tea--somewhat scared to intereact with the sight that was infront of him. Just for fun, Manny pushes Roy to the ground. Bernard takes a card from Hari's hand and lights it on fire in front of him.

They walk in, followed by Rocket Executive, Selma Ivy. Vermil runs over to Saffy in the distraction. Roy tries to get up, but Manny pushes him again. Roy pulls out the pokeballs labelled Duke and Spark, and lets out his Growlithe and Pichu. Manny yells, "boo!" into Roy's face, and Roy climbs into a corner, with him pointing to his pokemon ot save him.

Carmen appears out of nowhere and pants Bernard. Hari, cannot decide if he really approves of this action--but this thug did just burn one of his cards.

Sammuel then breathes in and looks over at Selma, "that was quick."

Selma snorts and looks over at him, "Do you know how many police reports of domestic violence your little spat caused."

Prof Willow looks over at Selma, "We won't allow you to take what doesn't belong to you!"

Daemon looks over at Sammuel and Selma, "How dare you steal something that does not belong to you. Time is fleeting and does not allow much to be kept under normal circumstances..." Daemon then looks over at Prof Willow, "you have my sword."

Max looks over at Daemon, "sword?"

"It is a figure of speech."

Selma laughs, and pulls a pokeball from her waist. Yells out, "Go Lugia"

The Lugia then comes out, Selma simple nods and says, "Go ahead, use Punishment. They're not welcome to tamper in matters of the Rockets"

Daemon and Styx get sent flying back. Styx took a lot of damage. Daemon calls back Styx, "you're no match for her.. but thanks."

Max, knowing his pokemon didn't have a chance, started lobbing Daemon balls, causing a mixture of explosions and confetti. Max knowing well how to use this to his advantage started to dodge and dart, hitting the Lugia where it least expected. Until Carmen jumps in and hits Lugia with a fierce Shadow Ball. Lugia answers this with an Areoblast hitting Max, Hari, Carmen and just misses Polaris and Picasso. Polaris returns Picasso--"we cannot win here." He tells to Picasso, who nodded in agreement before returning to his pokeball.

Vermil and Daemon pop up... as well as Duke and Spark. Daemon pulls off her belt Kane. Vermil pulls out Magby. Vermil tells Magby, "this is your chance to get that thing back."

Daemon orders Kane to use Sunny Day. Vermil and Duke were about to attack when Lugia starts to do what could be described as a dance, followed by a thunder cracking through the roof, destroying the ceiling and hurting Kane Magby, Duke, and Daemon. Rain downpours at an extremely heavy rate. Soaking most people in the lab Pichu fires a spark off at Lugia. Lugia pays not attention to it, and swats Pichu away with one of its wings. Daemon, now having the last pokemon in play pulls out Lumpy. "Lumpy, your our only hope now."

Lumpy looks at the Lugia then returns to its pokeball saying only, "<pfft! Right!>"

Bernard lifts up Prof Willow who has her head facing directly at him. Selma asks politely, "Now, were is that amulet?"

Prof Willow spits into Bernard's face. Selma looks over at Saffy, "Lugia, I know your aim on Thunder still kind of sucks, even when it is raining... do you suppose it would be easy to accidentally hit Saffy with a full on thunder strike? We would not want that to happen."

Lugia looks over at Saffy... then back at Willow. Roy who was holed up in the corner. Rain had soaked through his hood, and his hair and face were wet down. Look at the destruction of the roof by the Lugia's thunder, screams as the thunder his down on him. Selma simply says, "Oops... now I suppose I could persuade Lugia to not do thunder as often. But Lugia so loves thunder, don't you, my dear."

Lugia coos to Selma, and a Thunder strike falls down onto Polaris. Who up until this point had played it safe and had not recieved much damage he didn't need to.

Prof Willow, gets up begrudgingly, and heads to the Pokemon Storage system, with somewhat of a limp. She pulls a pokeball off the storage, and hands it to Selma.

Daemon pulls out her P*DA (Pokemon Digital Assistant), and looks through some debug information, and remarks to herself, "this is odd.. this P*DA must be shorting out..."

Selma climbs onto the lugia, and flies out of the roof, with Bernard and Manny pulling out two pokemon with Fly and following after her.

Deamon falls to the ground... the rain coming through the roof made her dress somewhat fall apart--it really was nonexistant, between the incident in Garre city and the heavy rain the Lugia caused--she looked through the debug data on the Cyren Storage system, "this cannot be... what is going on here?"

Max crawls up beside Daemon, and askes, "weird stats on that pokemon we fought?"

"No odder... that amulet was in the Pokemon Storage system..."

"Sometimes when I hide stuff, I'll put it into my pokemon storage--requires them to get past the pokemon it is attached to."

"But this is where it is odder... it wasn't attached to a pokemon... it was placed in as an actual pokemon itself."

Prof Willow, limping to the door, "Lets head to a pokecentre--this building has had it... after we are all healed up, we need to head to Rocket's Logistics HQ. I am sure we all want to settle a score with them."

The End

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