Birds: A Rationale Hallucination

Posted by me on March 31, 2009


Roy was pacing a little. Since he met Daemon there had been an explosion, several electrocutions of himself (he was starting to wonder why Duke and Pichu kept doing that, it wasn't sobering him up any), a trip to Prof Willow (who refused to help him with the hallucinations), a trip to Garre, several elders angry with him and attack of Beedrills killed by Duke and a very odd Staryu. One that seemed to bother Duke quite a bit. And it had barely been a few days.

The door to the room Daemon was in opened up, showing a rather lovely Daemon done up in the flower dress. Roy also noticed Daemon was wearing makeup. He really had no idea where she might have carried it. It was a little much, but did fit into the plant lady motif she was going for. Following Daemon, making the whole scene look somewhat regal was Kane and Styx. Daemon, Styx and Kane walk up to Roy, Spark and Duke (respectively, then curtsy. Roy was somewhat taken back that Daemon, when she tried, could act somewhat normal.

Spark looks over a Duke and squeeks, "<How come I get the Staryu? It scares me... what if... what if it turns me into that Beedrill?>"

Duke turns to Spark and barks, "<Well, then we'll have to trade you to Daemon for Kane... that way, all her pokemon are crazy.>"

Kane giggles a little, while Spark goes a little white.

Roy makes a suggestion to Daemon, "I know a place to go shopping for cheap clothes in Terrut... if we head back, I can get you some more clothes."

Daemon sweetly and daintily inquires, "Why not ask your theatre's costume department? I am sure they can make some clothes for me, as goddess of time."

Roy kind of embarrassedly laughs, "yeah, I don't know if I could explain to the costume department that I have a female hallucination that I must dress..."

Daemon asks, "Why not?"

Roy looks towards Daemon, "I don't think I could take the teasing."

Nurse Joy walking out notices Daemon now in the flowery dress, "Oh my, that is nice."

Roy asks, "what looks lovely?"

Nurse Joy replies, "that flowery dress on Krystal... you know Krystal, you should really tell Roy you aren't a hallucination."

Daemon looks over a Joy, "but isn't that exactly what a hallucination would say?"

Nurse Joy walks off shaking her head.

The End

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