Birds: The obligatory chapter of answers

Originally posted by Longsword on March 28, 2009


After going through the usual routine of whether Daemon actually existed or not at the Pokemon Center, they were led to a room where Roy sat down at a small desk where a sewing machine and miscellaneous sewing equipment.

"Ah, this will help a lot," Roy smirked, examining the setup. "Hopefully I won't screw up too bad."

He began with the flower dress to make sure it held together properly. After that, he handed it to Daemon, motioning for her to change while he stepped out to check on the Pokemon.

Duke and Spark were sitting contently on a large cushion where they watched Roy emerge from the room. They seemed to be discussing something to Roy's point of view.

"<Been a crazy day, huh?>" Spark stated.

"<Well, this is the first time I've witnessed a Staryu drive something stark-raving mad,>" Duke admitted. "<Although, it wasn't something I'd like to see again.>"

"<True, that. Have you noticed things have gotten weirder since Roy joined up with that floaty-girl?>"

"<She's probably the type that not only attracts insanity, but generates it.>"


"<She's just like Roy after watching a marathon of anime.>"

"<So, they're alike?>"

"<If you take out the fact that Roy can't float and is much more sane, then yes.>"

Roy had no idea what they were discussing, although he figured it concerned him as they immediately ceased with shocked expressions as they caught sight of him.

Something tells me I don't want to know...

The End

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