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Daemon struggled to get the kid out of the well... finally, after a long struggle the kid was lifted out and over the well and onto the somewhat more safe ground on the outside of the well. Daemon looks down at her clothers. They were somewhat ripped... you still could not see anything worth looking at. Roy looks at the clothe, "you're... whatever that stuff is, is ripped. Lets head to the Poke Centre... you can take a shower, and I'll fix this...whatever it is..."

Daemon looks down at her fabric. It did not flow as well in the wind as she'd like it too. "This cloth is not fit for a goddess... and it would truly be vulger to run around in the nude."

Roy starts, "but I thought you said your body wasn't sinful?"

Kane steps inbetween them, clearly saying, so even Roy understood, "<Don't encourage her.>"

Roy looks around nervously, "so... heh heh... to the poke centre."

Daemon and Roy head to the poke centre when the ball labeled Styx started to glow... Daemon pulls her arm, which had her pokemon on it, closer to her... "They swarm in close"

Roy ask confused, "swarm? you mean like a rare pokemon populating an area more than usual"

Daemon, all shifty eyed like replies, "Listen, you can hear their wings beating.. they're already here."

They were then surrounded by a swarm of Beedrill. Roy, had the look on his face like he just crapped his pants. Roy gathers himself together. "Duke, use ember against them!"

Daemon also springs into action and calls back Lumpy, "Lumpy, your usefulness has ended." Daemon pulls of the sparkling ball off her arm labelled "Styx", and sends out her Staryu into battle.

The Staryu starts making odd indistiguishable noises. Kane replies, "<Lord Tunderin' 'Esus is right>"

Duke looks over, "<wait... that Staryu makes sense to you?>"

Kane not taking part in this battle replies, "<that Staryu has an odd mixture of a Newfie, Welsh and Cockney dialects... you get use to it after a while>"

Duke looks very confused, "<Newfie... Welsh.. and... Cockney?>"

Styx makes several noises in agreement... this confused Duke more. This confused several of the Beedrills as well.

Spark was just drinking as much ice tea as he could, "<Must... drink... goodness... before... I.. die..>"

The Styx starts just flying around trying to dodge the Beedrill, and get them to hit one another. Duke was having fun of his own, trying to understand Styx' battle suggestions, and not get himself hurt in the process.

Daemon yells out, "Styx, rain dance"

Styx then does a very questionable dance, that Duke really wished he could unsee. Kane tells Duke from the sidelines, "<I still have no idea where Styx learned that dance>"

However, as odd as it may be rain started to fall.

Roy looks over at Daemon, "Now my growlithe won't be of any use!"

Daemon simple says, (translated from a Newfie/Welsh/Cockney accent mix) "<Now bring thunder from the heavans!>"

Styx starts to make a few very odd noises that even Kane could not understand.

Then several thunderbolts can down from the heavans... injuring the Beedrill, but not killing them.

Daemon looks over at Kane, "Help out Duke."

Kane then shoots a seed into the clouds... while Roy pondered the sheer physics of the matter, the sky clears up, and the sun starts shining brightly.

Now most of the Beedrill had started to leave, realising that between a fire type, and Sunny Day, they were screwed.

Daemon points at one Beedrill, "you there! I'm going to capture you!"

You could see the blood drain from the Beedrill's face. Word travelled fast amongst the wild pokemon about the pokeball's malfunctioning. Daemon shouted the command, "Styx, do Psychic... but only lightly"

Styx, then proceeds to enter the Beedrill's Psyche... horrifying the Beedrill with the grammatical inconsistencies and various syntax rules broken by his thought patterns. Most of the damage on the Beedrill was done via it trying to claw its own face off. Daemon pulls out a Daemon Ball from her belt. "Okay, this one is low on explosive charge, however the molecular fragments are at reverse polarity and shout allow for a faster capture." Daemon throws the Daemon ball, and Roy plus the rest of the pokemon dive for cover. Most of the Beedrills leave, except the one horrified at the horrible, horrible thinking patterns of Styx. "Daemon Ball go!"

The Daemon Ball flies directly on a collision path with the Beedrill. It hits the Beedrill, bounces up into the air, and bursts into adisproportionate large amount of shiny confetti. The Beedrill appears to go completely pale, and collapsesi in a heap, just thankful he wasn't captured. The Beedrill then assumes the fetal position. Kane pokes the Beedrill, "<Wow... poor little feller... I don't think I could have handled it as well as he did.>"

Duke looks over at Kane, "<Its curled up in the fetal position, with all the blood drawn away from its skin.. I don't think you can handle it worse than that.>"

Spark looks up from the tea he was drinking, "<oh wow... we won.. I mean of course we won.. we rock!>"

Daemon calls back Styx, and looks at the Beedrill on the ground, "Aw... it used Self Destruct..."

Roy glances over, raises an eyebrow, "I think he just fainted out of a mixed fear of the Staryu, horrible fire attacks, and possibly being killed by a faulty pokeball."

Daemon shakes her fist in the air, "He used self destruct I said!"

Roy looked at his and Daemons clothes, which while they faired well for having a swarm of beedrill attack them, they were kind of tattered. Roy suggests, "Okay, now we head to the pokecentre I have an extra change of clothes in my backpack. You're clothes will take forever to fix with my small skill in sewing... do you have anything different?"

Daemon tilts her head, "what about the Flower Dress?"

Roy thinks for a moment, then replies, "Okay, I might be able to work quickly on your clothes, and get it done before your dress wilts."

Daemon looks confused for a moment, and then speaks up, "But I am the poke goddess of time... I can will them not to wilt."

"I don't want to chance a naked hallucination... it would throw me off quite a bit."

So Roy and crew headed to the poke centre.

The End

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