Birds: The Curator, True Human and The Schroedinger

Posted by Eternal Berg, BSTF on March 24, 2009


"So, this is where the PCM texts are stored?" Vermil quizzed Samuel, who had rejoined him and Saffy, seemingly having finished his work. Or, at the very least, had a similar need.

"Yes. They're in here. Everything you need to know from the surviving texts." Samuel pushed open the door, revealing a small interior with book-lined walls and a sole man sitting inside.

"Uh, excuse me..." Saffy walked inside slowly and spoke hesitantly. "Can you tell us where to find texts on Legendary Pokemon?"

The man simply made a gesture that suggested "Everywhere".

"What about the Amulet of Agrython?" Vermil asked nervously.

The man, seemingly the curator, stood up and walked over to Samuel. "Is this them?" 

"No, there are more outside. There's these two, an artist and a thug, a floating girl and a delirious man. They may be of some use." Samuel smiled and held his hand out. "Now, the text. As promised."

"Yes, it's right here." The curator walked over to the eastern wall of the room and removed a single volume from the middle of the shelves. "Everything you need to know about the relics of the greater and lesser pokedeities." 

"Wonderful." Samuel grasped the tome excitedly before the curator had even begun to hand it to him. "I thank you again for the privilege of being able to take it with me back to the Terrut Cliffs."

"It's no problem. With the gift you have given us and the promise of it's swift return, we feel quite comfortable with it." The curator turned his attention to Saffy and Vermil, giving them a sly smile. "Very nice gift indeed." 

"Oh, it's you! You're... you are here... Uh... Now, the thing is..." A young voice suddenly interrupted the curator. Samuel began to leave the door, lighting a cigarette as he went. "Take this one too if you want," He said, pushing the young voice aside, "I don't know who he is but he's no one special." 

"Saffy?" Vermil wiped his brow a little bit with his hand, noticing that he had unconsciously began sweating profusely.


"I think we're in just the teeniest tiny bit of trouble..."

Saffy turned her head from the curator, who was now advancing quickly upon them, to Max, just long enough to catch a glimpse of him trying - and failing - to beat back a similar problem.

The End

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