Birds: Children's Card Games

Posted by Myrmaddon on March 22nd, 2009


One Day Ago...

"Well, that was rather one-sided." The Gym Leader Miles scratched the back of his head as he held out the Natural Badge to Hari. Or, at least he tried to. The MVP of the match - Carmen - was quick to snatch it up herself while he spoke and presented it to her trainer as if it was a gift from her and not from the Leader.

"Mis mis~!"

"Er... um... th-thank you." Hari took it nervously and slipped it into the pouch to join the other badge he had already gotten. It was a rather interesting story of how he ended up staying behind and battling the trainer. In fact, Carmen had managed to escape from her ball and had more or less dragged her trainer into the battle.


However, in the process, he had lost the two he had been following. In apology, she had offered him the TM she had nicked off the Gym Leader, and then flitted off to try and find them. The poor lad had stumbled after the excitable ghost-type, but instead had found himself separated from her.

"W-well, wh-what should I do now?"

Using his tarot cards once again, he began wandering the streets. Somehow or another, it had him on the trail of a couple trainers - one of which seemed to have a Smeargle of some sort. Was this really where the cards wanted him to go? He wasn't sure. Well... the cards wouldn't lead him astray, right?

... But where had Carmen flitted off to?

The End

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