Birds: Puuk entertains the gym leader

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Breathless, Fujitsu leaned against the old captain's ferry, trying to believe what had happened in the past thirty minutes. He got the pokemon center scene straight; as he ran back past it, somebody asked if he was feeling alright. He knew he had been in the gym, as he had remembered dashing out of it. After that, though, was the part where he wasn't sure about. Yet, no matter how many times he tried to think of a different explanation, it all came down to the same thing: he had had his very first pokemon battle as a gym battle... and won.

It was close though. While his Pichu did have the advantage of Maggey's Cherubi by using his electric-type attacks, her Roselia easily put it to sleep and took the rest of his energy by using Leech Seed (Pichu was out for a while and Fujitsu hadn't the faintest clue as of what to do) at the time he came to. When he sent his Tyrogue out, he was getting delirious because of how stupidly he thought he had treated Pichu, and he told him "Uh... er uh... Just... just use what ever you find... I guess...?" The gym leader gave him a disapproving look that was wiped clean off her face when Tyrogue had started breaking limbs of of the trees and threw them at her Roselia. Maggey was so baffled that his sudden course of action (mixed in with confusion of what Fujitsu was telling Tyrogue of which I can't really explain) that her Roselia was knocked out in about two minutes. Things got rough with her Leafeon, though. While Fujitsu had time to catch up with his breath, he nearly lost it when it attacked his Tyrogue with it's Razor Leaf attack. In fact, he can't really recall it now because of all of the excitement and high blood pressure he was experiencing. He just knows that because of all of the damage caused to the newly planted plants, he wasn't welcome there. He didn't like that.

The captain came out of the control room and asked him, "Are you feeling alright, kiddo? Haven't gotten land-sick or anything, have you?"

To make his story short, Fujitsu held up the Bloom Badged he had had gotten thrown at him next to a mark on his forehead where it had hit him. The old man had a surprised gesture on his face. He climbed out of the boat and stood in front of him.

"YOU were in a GYM BATTLE? I thought you just wanted to explore the land of Cyren?" he asked.

"Well, I kinda ran into the gym be accident, and the gym leader asked me if I wanted a battle, so I figured, 'Why not?', and I got this badge and... OH SHITE!!" Fujitsu blurted. He turned on his heels and sprinted with all his might through the town.

He finally stopped at the pokemon center and almost went in when he had second thoughts. Was there a faster way to heal his pokemon, he asked his subconscious. He looked around and saw the answer right next door to the pokemon center. The pokemart.

He ran inside and continued right up to the counter, nearly crashing into it. He stumbled backwards and fell onto his back, or rather, his trunk. He lay there for a couple of minutes until he decided to try to get up, and was rather unsuccessful. Like a Squirtle, he floundered about on his back, unable to get up normally, and then just remembered that he could roll over to get up. Embarrassed, he rolled onto his stomach, got up, and faced the man at the counter.

"May I please have six potions and a revive?" he asked.

Smirking, the guy went up to the shelves and placed his requested items on the counter. He opened his mouth to ask for the money, but Fujitsu had already calculated the price and had his money laid out before the man. He then said "Thank you," and placed the items in his trunk, where there was barely enough room. He bid the person a good day and jogged back to the ferry.

The End

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