Birds: Lassie she is not.

Originally posted by Longsword on March 22nd 2009


Surprisingly enough, a small boy was leaning over a well as Daemon and Roy approached. Daemon seemed somewhat shocked to see the child on the outside of the well rather than inside of it.

"He does not need my rescuing?" Daemon tilted her head in confusion.

The boy turned around to catch sight of her and quickly backed over the side of the ornate rock surface, leading to a splash a split second later. Roy panicked, running over to the well to find that it was only a facade and the boy was sitting in a shallow, easily-escapable pit.

"Oh...well...nevermind," Roy bllinked, scratching the back of his head. "Need any help?"

"I shall assist," Daemon held a finger up as she floated over to the well and began trying to pull the flailing child out of the well.

" should let me do this."

" is my duty as the Poke-Goddess of Time."

"Eh..." Roy shrugged, walking over to the group of his and Daemon's Pokemon that were gathered nearby, sitting next to them. "You guys seem to be having fun."

Kane and Lumpy cast cold glares at him.

"Hey, now, I didn't suggest this."

Duke let out a low growl. 

"You can see her, too. I'm not going to find out what happens if you say 'no' to a hallucination."

Spark suddenly turned to Duke, who gave a small nod. Roy, who watched the action, learned quickly that the nod was a signal for Spark to turn his trainer into a living Christmas Tree.

The End

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