Birds: Screw Prauda!

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Roy and Daemon took a detour to one of the elders gardens.

Daemon looks around and starts smiling and spinning. Soooooo many flowers. See pointed at a rose bush, "Kane, you know what you are doing, the rosebush, FOR GREAT JUSTICE."

Roy started to click the heals of his boots together muttering to himself, "there is no place like home, no place like home."

Duke looks over at Roy then at Pichu, "<wasn't Alice in Wonderland the typical drug trip reference?>"

Pichu tilts his head curiously, "<who is this Alice... and whats wrong with Wonderfulland?>"

Kane was gathering flowers for Daemon--making sure not to have too many prickles.... except for the softer parts areas of the questionable flower dress. As Kane gathered flowers, Daemon struggled with sewing them together. Daemon in her training as a pokemon research learned all sorts of things. Like Pokeball theory, Pocket Dimensions, Pokemon Folklore, making teleporters, all the stuff a pokemon researcher would need to properly take care of a person's pokemon using the latest technology. Heck, she even knew C and several kinds of assembler... and where to use what in various embedded devices. Daemon knew that she could keep her Rajio Shack computer forever, and it would never be useless. All we needed was 640KiB of RAM, right? Though stuffing Wailords into a 64KiB Page of memory was a hard thing. Good thing she had good knowledge of compression theory.

But she did not know how to sew... anything together. Much less flowers.

Kane kept gather flowers from the various elder's gardens as Daemon kept screwing up her dress.

Roy getting frustrated groans and asks, "hand it here... I've help out the costume department with a few things, I am not too bad."

Spark sticks his tongue out at Duke, "<I told you Roy was a girl>"

Duke simply rolls his eyes, "<skill set and gender are complete different matters.>"

Spark folds his arms and tilts his head back and to the side, "<you just don't want to admit you are wrong.>"

Kane looks at Spark, "<You do know the differences between human boys and human girls, right?>"

Spark tilts his head to the side and curiously lets out, "<Well, I've always figured it was like us pokemon, completely arbitrary and subject to random draw. Meanwhile nobody really knows what the difference between male and female pokemon are>"

(((OOC: This sort of ideas taken from the games... somebod says somewhere in the games that Pokemon can be boy or girl, but nobody knows how)))

Kane would have raised an eyebrow if he had one... they were lost in a pruning accident with Daemon while travelling here. She rolls her eyes and sighs, "<Once you evolve into a pikachu I'll tell you about the Pidgies and the Beedrills>"

Spark gets a scared look on his face, "<Pidgies and Beedrills? Sounds odd and scary. Why don't you tell me now?>"

Duke bark out, "<you're far too young for it.>"

Spark sighs and looks down to the ground, "<aw... I am not old enough for anything fun.>"

(((OOC: I am going to need a lot of help to keep it appropiate when Spark evolves... Longsword, you may want to cover this one, you'll prolly do it better than me)))

Roy was sewing up the odd dress of flowers.. Roy, not a sadist of any means, tended to prune the thorns off the flowers Kane picked... Kane was let down that her little ploy did not really work. Roy, thanks to the experience he had at the opera got a quick and dirty first version of the dress done. It still needed a lot of work, Daemon asked, "Can I wear it now" and started to pull of her top.

Roy screams out, "WHAT IN THE MIDDLE OF PUBLIC!?!?"

Daemon lifts her eyes, "I am the poke goddess of time, why would any part of my body be sinful?"

Roy calms down, "Look, keep your shirt on, we'll continue at the Poke Centre... I still have lots of other flowers. There will be more privacy there, and they might have a sewng machine... I hear the Nurse Joy here likes to repair clothing damaged on the way here. It's a hobby she enjoys.

Daemon rolls her eyes, "Okay... must I be the only pokemon to wear clothes?"

Roy looks over at Duke and points, "you're getting a doggy sweater."

Duke whined... he didn't like sweaters--they tended to be ugly as hell. Roy looks over at Spark and points, "I'll figure out something for you."

Daemon pulls the pokeball labeled "Lumpy" off her arm and calls out her ghastly, "Soon we'll be going clothes shopping, I am sure it will cheer you up."

Lumpy sighs and looks at the ground he was crawling accross, "<I think I have penny stuck in my gases. Of course you wouldn't care. You hate me... and now you want me to look silly everywhere I go.>"

Spark and Duke looks over, and sigh, Sparky then says "<Put it out of its misery.>"

Duke looks over at Sparky, "<I don't think Ghost pokemon can easily be killed>"

Lumpy sighs and oozes around trying to get the penny off of him, but failling miserably, "<Life don't tell me about life... I had one once... and now I am dead... on the inside and outside.... damn penny...>"

Roy and Daemon wave their pokemon to follow, Roy says, "Come guys, We are headed to the Poke Centre to work more on Daemon's dress."

Daemon bobs around in an attempt to jump for joy, "Hooray, I'll look so pretty!"

Lumpy looks at Daemon, "<Pretty you say? Well, I am sure some people have low standards.>"

Daemon looks at Lumpy like he said something crucial, "What? You say, timmy has fallen in the well?!? WE MUST GO SAVE TIMMY!"

Daemon then floats off, looking for a well, Roy and crew follow her to try to get her to head to a Pokemon Centre.

The End

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