Birds: The healthy touched of Puuk

Originally posted by RockXIII on March 21st, 2009


Not even paying attention to the television, Fujitsu sat in his seat, daydreaming. He seemed quite oblivious to what was going on about him, but he was actually thinking about the conversations flying around him. That's what he does when he get upset/ worried. He was upset because of the fatalities that had happened at his town's pokemon center in just barely two days. How many more has happened by then? Then there was his pokemon. Was there anything wrong with the pokeballs? Would they still be alive when he let them out.

He fingered around with the pokeballs in his belt slot nervously. He wasn't sure what to do in between his insensible worrying and common sense. He finally chose the side of his common sense, seized the pokeballs, and threw them.

"Come on out! Tyrouge! Pichu!" he called.

A red beam came out of both of the pokeballs and formed the shapes of two pokemon, then shattered into sparkles of crimson light. Both Pokemon turned and smiled at him, then had their breath knocked out of them when Fujitsu embraced them in a bone-crushing hug, though they were unsurprised, seeing that that was the fifth time that he had done that this week; he had constantly been worrying about them with the pokeball crisis on his mind.

After one long, dragged out minute, he released them, and they gasped for air. Several people were staring at them, and until about three minutes, Fujitsu didn't notice. When he did, he just slowly walked out, motioning for his pokemon to follow him, then ran with all his might to someplace new for no apparent reason, seeing that all the people staring at him didn't embarrass him. He was actually eager to get out of the pokemon center, seeing that it only made him think more about the deaths that he had read about, and he just wanted to get some new scenery.

He didn't stop until he ran inside a building. When he got inside with his Pichu and Tyrouge, he immediately looked around to check for any signs of pokemon center design. What he found was, instead, a breath-taking, natural room with all sorts of plants growing everywhere, though almost all of it was newly planted, and a lingering burning smell drifted into his nose. Everything seemed peaceful about this place, but it also had a certain atmosphere to it. The atmosphere had a sort of violent feel to him, like it was made for battling.

"Hello, there. Are you here to challenge the gym?" inquired a feminine voice

Fujitsu and his pokemon jumped at the voice. They all turned around to find a woman wearing something that a florist would wear standing behind them.

"Eh?" said Fujitsu.

The End

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